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It doesn’t matter what churches think about transgender issues as they are not well informed enough to form an opinion. When you base your theology on the idea that there is a man and a woman, and they make babies you aren’t going to have a very nuanced view of the way humanity works at its edges (yes I am aware I am simplifying).

For example, I don’t pay attention to what the Catholic church says about this issue because they don’t have a stance at all. Rather they repeat what their mantra is and perhaps feel bad enough for trans people to tolerate them. The same way they are supposed to tolerate the sick and the down-trodden. Religions are not set up for nuance. They were established with a group think center made to accommodate the majority but leave the marginalized groups out of the picture as not respecting the way things are supposed to be. Instead of embracing the variances inherent in the wider spectrum of humanity as having validity, they chastise them as choices people make…
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cans and Brahms

The inimitable Rick Wakeman on the Fragile album by Yes which I listened to over and over and over....

What parenting a trans teen teaches you

sure footed

My experiments are going well and I am trying to see how comfortable I would be living as a transitioned woman. There is no one pushing me from behind and that makes it very comfortable. People don't give me a second look (unless its height related) and treat me like any other woman which is making it easier to decide but if you know anything about me by reading this blog, I take nothing as a given. My steps will continue to be sure footed and will segue towards my July visit with Dr. Morris. That appointment may lead to nothing but I need to have another chat with him to be certain about what to do.

Being female feels natural to me and always has; I just pushed that possibility away as a pipe dream but, with my full embracing, it is starting to feel like more than a plausible option. I have all my arsenal built with decades of practice under my belt and am ready to make a switch at a moment's notice if I wanted. I have come to appreciate that woman inside of me and, more and…

K. 427

Mozart's Mass in C Minor from the Amadeus soundtrack and featuring the marvelous Felicity Lott...


I know for a fact that not everyone who reads my blog is gender dysphoric. Some of you might crossdress for a variety of reasons and can perhaps put away the clothing and the feminine expression for a month and think nothing of it; I cannot. Bordering on transsexualism has been difficult and I have been this way since I can remember.

My earliest memories include a desire to express a feminine self which was not allowed to blossom because of the sex I was born as. Dysphoria can be manageable for a time but the longer you ignore it, the more insistent it becomes. Hitting my early forties was my breaking point after which I could go no further and sought help at the hospital gender clinic thinking naively that I could be cured. That was 15 years ago, and I am no longer the same person.

Full blown transsexualism is no doubt even worse and commands your attention like nothing else. For someone like my friend Sherry, transition was not a choice; it simply had to happen.

Finding a solution …

taxes, taxes, taxes

When they look into Uncle Donny's taxes they are going to find Russian ties to the Kremlin which of course surprises no one. Forensic investigator and Pulitzer-Prize winning author David Cay Johnston would know as he has been looking into the Trump organization's nefarious activities since the 1980's.