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not so fast

That documentary on transgender kids that I wrote about yesterday had a sequence in which a brain researcher stated that the male and female brain are not gendered. She stated that they become so over time through socialization.

Of course, we know there are brain differences between men and women but they have more to do with things like multi-tasking and spatial recognition and some men will fall more into the female spectrum and vice versa.

So, the question remains: why is 1% of the population consistently not fitting adequately into their birth sex and the gender role set out for them?

As tempting as it might be for some to dismiss this as mental illness the truth is that transgender people are as high functioning as anyone else and only suffer stigma through persecution so there is something going on that we do not comprehend yet.

It makes sense that socialization does play a role but I will point to the case of David Reimer as one which greatly negates its importance. If David (w…
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childhood desistance

This post is about the recent broadcast cancelling by the CBC of a documentary focusing on transgender children and whether or not they know best. It gives plenty of screen time to Kenneth Zucker the now disgraced ex-CAMH gender reparative therapy practitioner. Even my favorite retired researcher Ray Blanchard is given brief cameos with his claimed statistics that the vast majority of trans kinds desist into adulthood.

This documentary asks the question why do we need to change bodies and can we still be a feminine man or a masculine woman in this world. The one very well adjusted transgender girl shown in this film points to transition as clearly helping some children while others we are told grow out of their dysphoria.

One can't help but recognize a not so subtle undercurrent of trans as mental illness as one watches but you can decide for yourself as the entire documentary is on the Dailymotion website (thanks for the heads up Zagria). One clear falsehood that is repeated thr…

the roller coaster type

I have an upstairs neighbour who is a co-condo association admin. She really is a lovely person but grates a little on the nerves sometimes because she is the kind of individual who turns wide eyed at every occurrence. She then proceeds to rattle off dialogue non stop until I manage to calm her down. When she is happy she will send out emails with 5 emojies followed by 4 exclamation marks. It is the kind of behavior that rubs against my sensibilities possibly because she reminds me of a younger version of my mother who tended towards this level of excitement.

I keep my turbulence on the inside and try and keep the external ups and downs in check except when I am really angry. But even that storm has been quieted down over the last few years with further resolution of my gender issues.

This is the archetype I least like dealing with and I have often joked that her and I would last together in the same dwelling for a month before I would need to drown her in the bathtub. Someone like me…

the mind boggles

Alabama voted for Doug Jones but he didn’t win because of the white vote. In that sense, the state is still very much a backwater for racism, transphobia and homophobia. Someone as reprehensible as Roy Moore was still able to get most of the white vote and you must ask yourself how much more of a bottom feeder he would need to have been to lose among this demographic.

It was the black voters who voted overwhelmingly for Jones who was a far more credible and decent candidate.

Alabama is also among the poorest places in the industrialized world which makes you wonder why people continue to vote against their own interests by supporting a party that favors the wealthy. But then again evangelicals seem to care more about hating people who are different than helping their state become less of a banana republic.

The mind boggles.

fitting ourselves into this world

There comes a point when you will feel like you will literally implode. I remember when my dysphoria got so intense in my early 40’s and after years of trying to ignore everything, it threatened to consume me. I had to suddenly explore it and, in my naiveté, try and cure it.

Many of us have hit that wall and it is very unpleasant. For me it was the realization that I wasn’t a hesitant crossdresser but instead a gender dysphoric deep in denial. I was someone who needed guidance and so I reached out for it in desperation.

Being screened at the gender clinic and undergoing therapy that would eventually lead towards self-acceptance has been one of the most difficult things I have ever had to go through. Add to that my stroke in my mid 40’s and my divorce and everything was falling apart around me. I had to slowly rebuild from scratch. There have still been bumps along the way and unexpected things have happened but I am still standing and probably far richer for the experience for I have …

rediscovering justice

A two party system is not helping America. This is what has encouraged the hardening of opinion and reinforced extreme thinking on both sides which only serves to gel an outright hatred.

In the past the gridlines were drawn a little differently and a rural south was mostly democrat and racist while northern democrats thought differently. Republicans were the party of Lincoln and emancipation so there was a crossover of ideas that permitted a more balanced political landscape. Contrast this with the red and blue state polarization by social wedge issue that threatens to fracture the country in half.

I am not American and yet my antipathy for Republicans and their extremism runs high. I can only imagine what some passionate patriots feel about what is happening to their own country and one only needs to read the comments left below a political YouTube video to see the vitriol first hand.

These are dangerous times for a country that were it not for fundamental principles sewn into its c…

right wing warriors

Social conservatives are all about finding fault with progress. They decry social justice warriors (SWJs), political correctness, the LGBT agenda and any other movements that threaten their world view. I have written about them here: people like Ben Shapiro, Tomi Lahren, Faith Goldy, Spiro Yannopoulos and Matt Crowder. They are aggressive and insulting and make conclusions about things they know little about.

They have also gained a small but loyal following of angry millenials who want to find fault with the world and all that ails it.

These pundits are shrill and painfully annoying and are armed with the kind of smugness that youth is particularly blessed with. Their interest in truth takes a back seat to criticising what they see as an overabundance of political correctness behind which they conceal their disdain for people they do not comprehend. They are the next wave of Ann Coulters armed with an even healthier dose of chutzpah.

Basic psychology would suggest that their aggressi…