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children of men

Clive Owen's character is protecting the only pregnant woman on earth and he's having a hell of a time doing it as some have plans for the child. This dark dystopian thriller set in the near future was the film I saw last night and really enjoyed.

Find it on Netflix and see what you think..

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My daughter has surpassed my skill level as an artist but I believe she took some of her predisposition towards art from me and from her great aunt who was also an amateur painter.

The last time I painted anything was the work shown below which was conceived 21 years ago; my ex was pregnant with my daughter. The inspiration was a post card of old Montreal (Place Jacques Cartier to be precise) which I then modified thematically to suit my vision.

After my daughter was born I mostly focused on music but might just pick up a paintbrush again one of these days.


Look at me the wrong way today and you are liable to get a look back that says "do you have problem?"

Not that this happens, but I think it is because everything about my body language has changed over time. If you are a trans person this is mandatory because you cannot allow the world to eat you alive.

You need to be kind, loving and polite but also fierce and be ready to signal that you aren't going to be intimidated by anyone. It has to stem from your pores and cannot be faked.

Until this happens within yourself you will not fit properly into a world full of all kinds of individuals some of which don't care for your existence. Your job is to find your center and, in plain colloquial terms, not give a "rat's ass".

So find that center and stay there. You will see what a huge difference it makes.

first snow

Montreal is beautiful under a fresh coat of snow....

for the first time in our history

We are entering a phase in our history where the expression of gender is being liberated and once you reach a new echelon there is no going back. Consider how a show like Ru Paul's drag race would never have seen the light of day 30 years ago. With signs like these, young LGBT people as well as those truly comfortable in their skin are challenging the strict binary rules we lived under and even bending them to suit their uniqueness.

Lately I have seen several cases of young male cashiers with their nails meticulously painted and yesterday I saw a young man wearing flawlessly applied makeup. No one was stopping to stare at him. The more gender variance becomes routine the less remarkable it becomes giving people the ability to avoid ridicule.

It is understood that not everyone will be interested in testing the boundaries of gender which is perfectly wonderful. But others will, for the first time in their lives, truly be able to be themselves rather than conform out of fear. They wi…


I think Halle was worried about me but she needn't have been. But then, as a result of her email, we are now getting together in December for lunch.

It's true I have been writing blog posts at an alarming rate but maybe its because of this burst of energy I have; I don't know. It will probably spend itself and I will go back to daily posts or even weekly posts - who knows. The only thing I know is that the blog isn't going anywhere.

If an idea pops into my head I write it into my phone and expand upon it. Sometimes that thought is abandoned only to see it return and I will attack it from a different angle.

I enjoy writing and I have never had more time on my hands than I do now. With two grown children and many hours spent on my own, it is easier to write and doing so brings me comfort. It doesn't matter how many people read it although my readership has never been higher. Still, I would write regardless because I have to.

I am always thinking and when I go on my …