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not so fast

There are plenty of other investigations into Trump throughout the country so while special counsel Robert Mueller could not conclusively prove that there was conspiracy, he made sure to very clearly state that his report does NOT exonerate Trump. Poor hand picked William Barr may have hated to include that part in his 4 page synopsis.

So while Republicans are cheering from the rafters and saying that this so-called "partisan report" should be burned, there is plenty of meat in that 600 plus page document that will be of great interest to Congress.

If I were Trump I wouldnt go back to sleeping too comfortably just yet although publically he will be touting this as a definitive clearing of all potential crimes. One thing is for sure: the American people deserve to know the contents of that report.

Ask yourself one simple question: if there was no collusion why did so many people surrounding Trump lie so much about Russian contacts? Perhaps because it wasn't as much Machia…
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like a candle

There’s no question that we learn something after experiencing pain. My breakup was like that in that if forced me to examine all my sacred cows; the things that couldn’t possibly apply to me. Then, after a while the wound becomes cauterized leaving some tougher skin behind and your standards for yourself change. You recast your thinking in a way that favors what you will and will not tolerate for yourself. You also never want to hurt someone else again.

There is no handbook for relationships just as there isn’t one for rearing children. You muddle your way through in the dark trying to do your best not to make a critical mistake and hope that the model you witnessed in your own parents helps you avoid the inherent pitfalls of life.

I have remade everything and have concluded that the road for a trans person is perhaps best walked on one’s own; unless of course a precious gift falls naturally into your lap without you looking. Identity is not something one can negotiate away because …

All the nasties

0ne of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums..

genes and our gender identity

Jack's got a great new post over at Crossdreamers about the latest research on finding a link between our genes and our gender identity....

culture war

I'm not certain that there is a bridge which can solve the culture war problem in the United States. The red and the blue sides are more entrenched than ever in the belief that the other side is a sworn enemy; a stance which is only amplified via each side's echo chambers. Make no mistake that this a cultural civil war taking place which pits urban against rural, religion against atheism and the extent to which each person is their brother's keeper. It will not be easily solved and in fact cannot be won.

I am not surprised that the country is so disjointed because the population is spread across such a vast landscape that the marked difference in thought was a virtual certainty. The problem is that this gap is being widened through a concerted effort to demonize the other side by feeding propaganda to such an extent as to make a meeting of the minds virtually impossible.

Could this be the beginning of a massive splintering that may never be repaired?

without missing a beat

As mentioned in my last post, the National Women's Show was a lot of fun and there were plenty of free samples to try. Whether it was hand cream, cheese, liquor or scarves there was something there for every taste. Some merchants were more popular than others and some also more insistent that you try their wares but no one was aggressive about it.

There was also quite a nice fashion show which had me chatting with the woman next to me about what we liked about each outfit.

So, I came away with a big goody bag of stuff and even bought a couple of products. Along the way my confidence as a woman grew yet again and showed me how well I fit into a large crowd of women of all ages without missing a beat.

update from the show

I asked a young woman to take my photo while at the show. It was really worth coming because there were all kinds of new culinary local Quebec products that I really loved.

I may post about these soon