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autogynephelia revisited

I went to Dr Anne Lawrence's website today and read her article on autogynephelia called "becoming what we love". In the article Anne cites the work of Ray Blanchard and talks about this condition not being just about erotic arousal in starting out as non homosexual MtF transsexuals but also about love and admiration for what is female. It actually reassured me because I had always felt a guilt around the erotic aspects of my dressing. Now I can say that this condition I have is more rooted in love than in the desire to have an orgasm in a dress and panties.

Kudos to Dr Lawrence for finding vindication in Blanchard's work for those who would paint him as an adversary of my type of transexualusm. I never asked for this condition but I find a soothing tone in the way the research is presented and being a transsexual woman herself, she relates directly to her findings in a very personal way.

I feel more educated and better for having read it.

Thank you Anne!

Her article can be found on her website at....


  1. Bravo for you on taking on the subject of AG.
    I don't like the way people are shouted down and ridiculed for discussing this. I myself have dealt with these feeling on a personal level.

    Aldo thanks for the nice comments on Femulate

  2. You are most welcome Paula. I don't think believing that autogynephelia exists and we suffer from it makes us any less legitimate.

  3. Are you sure you have thought this through?

    The essence of what Blanchard and Lawrence say is the following:

    1. Androphilic transwomen (by them called homosexual transsexuals) are effeminate gay men who transition in order to get access to straight men.

    2. Gynephilic transwomen are autoerotic perverted heterosexual men who are attracted to themselves as women.

    There is no room for you as a woman in this theory.

    There cannot be anything wrong about getting aroused by the idea of having sex as a woman. I mean, that is the only way of fantasizing about having sex if you are a woman, and you are one.

    XX women also find clothes and accessories erotic. Freud even argued that all women were fetishists! In other words: Enjoying the erotic part of dressing up is normal, and does not require a special item in the psychiatric manuals.

    Note also that Lawrence, like Blanchard, believes the "autogynephile" love for oneself, stops gynephilic transwomen from loving others.

    Dr. Charles Moser has written a well thought out critique of Blanchard and Lawrence. I have made a summary here.

  4. I really appreciate your feedback here Jack. I am trying to see myself realistically and analyze to the best of my ability what makes me tick.....fine line between acceptance and throwing oneself in headfirst to transition without thinking. I am heavily leaning towards doing nothing but crossedressing to relieve the tension. Funny how you know I'm a woman when I don't lol...

  5. Silly girl. Didn't Jack tell you? He knows everything trans*.

    And if you are so bold as to disagree with "His Know-It-ALL", he will demonize you and banish you to silence.

  6. In my opinion autogynophilia, (AGP). is actually a very good working hypothesis for many in the TG world.

    However, for those suffering from a totally different and unrelated medical condition known as transsexualism, it is a total fail and serves as a glaring example of those interested in advancing a selfserving adgenda which justifies their own internal turmoil. Anne Lawrence is a good example.


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