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rejoicing in ignorance...

Despite being a practicing Catholic, it never ceases to amaze me how much my church (and for that matter most churches) affiliate themselves with positions on issues which often border on ignorance or outright stupidity.

I was recently viewing a website where GID was being discussed in the context of healing disphoric children before they became dreaded transsexuals, crossdressers or other such deviants. They made references to studies which pointed to approximately half of gender disphoric children having other illnesses such as OCD, depression or anxiety. The site was affiliated with a center for Catholic support for the family.

I had a normal childhood with good parents and I have tried all my life to rid myself of feelings that were always there. I don’t believe I ever suffered from emasculation trauma or forced feminization by an adult. Today I am a high function and well educated adult and yet I suffer from GID.

These well meaning therapists blinded through their religious conviction can’t see past their own nose. They do not suffer from disphoria themselves so are not in a position to really relate to a person like myself who suffers from it.

But people like Kenneth Zucker and company who try and pursue reparative approaches are not likely to be dissuaded in their opinion by a person like me.
It’s very much like my dogmatic sister who has been sending me links to articles written by idiots who have no direct understanding of what it’s like but are more than happy to tell you what you should do to cure yourself.

Don’t misunderstand me; I am not opposed to screening prospective transsexuals or children with GID before prescribing androgens to block their puberty. If there are legitimate pathologies at play then let’s deal with them and help these children.

But for the love of God we also need to acknowledge that there are legitimately people on this planet for whom their biological gender identity does not always line up with their mental gender identity. There need not be anything wrong with them other than this particular aspect. They can have SRS and ultimately lead richer and more balanced lives because of it.

Even in the studies cited on the site I visited, they could only point to half of the study sample suffering from other ailments. That left a sizeable sample where the source of the GID could not be traced or explained.

Not to worry as true believers need not be bothered by facts. After all they have God on their side. Once these organizations acknowledge that even once case was legitimate then that spreads the seed of doubt in many others. The dogmatics cannot allow that to happen because it just might be contagious.

Belief without intelligence is just blindness.


  1. Hi, Joanna! If you are a practicing Catholic, then you should be able to clearly articulate their position on GID and why they take that position. This should help your readers who may not be familiar with the Church's position. Obviously, "outright stupidity" is your opinion and you should elaborate on what exactly is "stupid".

    Further on you say about well meaning therapists "They do not suffer from disphoria themselves so are not in a position to really relate to a person like myself who suffers from it." So are you saying that a doctor has to experience cancer before treating it? Or that all therapists must be drug addicts or alcoholics to treat addictions? Or that only therapists who have GID should treat people with GID?

    You mention Kenneth Zucker by name. I've read some of his results of working with GID. Personally, I found the information fascinating. What was interesting that even though he has had some limited success with children, he found that the success rate drops to zero the older the child is. His therapy does not work for adults at all. He doesn't explain why it becomes more difficult the older the child.

    The problem with having a "mental gender identity" different than one's "biological gender identity" assumes that our brains have gender. Biologically, this is not true. If our brains have a female gender identity and our bodies have a male gender identity, then our brains would be telling our bodies to stop making testosterone and start making estrogen in its place. And every month our bodies would be going crazy trying to get us to ovulate even though we can't. In reality, our "female" gender brains, if that's what we have, are telling our bodies to produce testosterone. WTF? Starting transition means taking estrogen to start "fixing" our bodies. But the estrogen also messes around with our brains as well...

    Whether or not there are "other illnesses" like OCD, anxiety, etc, along with GID is really immaterial. Their causes and treatments are all different. There might be some minor interactions but nothing major. (For example, OCD does not cause GID. GID does not cause OCD. However, OCD may affect the degree of GID.)


  2. Robyn,

    I cant help people who believe that being the way I am is a choice. I know how these people think because I used to think homosexuality was a life choice as well. I educated myself and stopped blaming myself for how I am and now accept and celebrate being me. I have no other choice. I have a very Orthodox sister who still has her head stuck in the idea that we are to blame for our GID. I cant help people like this and I wont try and explain why they think like this because I cannot. I cannot pretend to be ignorant as it would serve no purpose.

  3. Bless your sister's heart! It sounds like she is concerned for you and doesn't know how to react or deal with it in a calm, rational manner. Even though you cannot help people like this I hope you at least acknowledge her concern for you. I'm not sure how pretending to be ignorant fits into this.

    What is a "choice"? I think that everyone has a choice in how they look and act. We choose each morning what to wear that day or if we are going to work in our birthday suit. We are not 5 years old going to Kindergarten and have to have our mommy pick out our clothes for us. You and I CHOOSE to appear and present ourselves as women. We not only accept ourselves, but we accept the benefits and consequences of our choices. Playing the blame game serves no purpose.


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