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the Jaimie Veale study....

l know I have said lately that I would refrain from plunging back into the latest thinking on gender, but Jaimie Veale's study does provide much comfort to transgender people so it is worth mentioning. Jaimie who is herself an early transitioner, completed her study as part of her master's thesis and used over 2000 internet respondants to try and shed new light on our understanding of gender and it's apparent fluidity.

She uses a much larger sample than Ray Blanchard used in his original work at his Alberta gender clinic and comes up with a fascinating cross section of gender expression which astonishes in its variety. What is particularly notable here is that the respondents were not queued for gender surgery and so had less incentive to lie in order to be allowed to transition.

So although Blanchard's sample was more personally and intimately interviewed, the sample was only in the hundreds and only included those who were enrolled in his program.

Not surprisingly, Veale has found that it serves no use to categorize transgender people by whether they transition early or late or by pre transition sexual orientation. She has found that gender variance is indeed a spectrum or rainbow and not a static set of groupings and in doing so further discrediting Blanchard's paraphilia or target error theories.

Simply put, there is everthing under the sun when it comes to gender variance and besides the more extreme kinds of gender disphoria necessitating immediate intervention via full physical and hormonal transformation, there are many who find a baseline using less extreme measures.

Of course transgender people will rejoice in the findings because we are removing the idea of true transsexuals versus paraphilic perverts in dresses axis. I as a self diagnosed advanced but not quite transsexual trans person, find solace in her findings and further puts the final nails in the twisted thinking of Blanchard and company who essentially propose that transexuals are either gay men or perverted paraphilics.

Of course the origins of gender incongruence are still not understood and that may have to wait a while yet. At least Jaimie's work begins to return us to the tone of the original work by Harry Benjamin where there is no judgemental language or crack pot theories but instead purely reporting (with empathy I might add) the lives of gender variant people.

To find out more about the study simply Google Jaimie Veale trans study.


  1. Very interesting. There can never be any total absolutes when dealing with human nature.

  2. "Of course the origins of gender incongruence are still not understood"

    It is utterly astonishing how people continuously fail to realise that it can simply be a matter of how an individual has come to think. The presupposition that "there must be something making me feel this way" must be put into this context.

  3. You are by your own admission in this for only eroticism's own payoff whilst I am disphoric and am interested in how disphoria varies across the spectrum. Clearly I am not including you in the group nor am I including fetish dressers...

  4. I have put up a review of the study here.

    I am sad to say that it hasn't generated much debate online, although I know it has some effect among health professionals.

  5. that's good to hear Jack thanks!


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