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If you feel stuck in the middle....

I feel pretty good for 51 years of age.

Sure there are small aches and pains here and there and I have some stubborn Achilles tendon issues on my right leg but things could be a lot worse.

I have allowed my brain (somehow intersexed at birth) to flourish as both male and female personas. Yes I am very much enjoying my time out as Joanna but I am also enjoying my time as a male and being a partner to my beloved N.

My secret to being happy has been in allowing myself the dignity to be a real woman (at least in my mind) and when I am out as Joanna I have rid myself of all doubt that I am female thereby removing any angst,apprehension or guilt about what I am doing.

If you, like me, also fall into a Benjamin type 3 or 4, there is no simple solution for you as full transition will be a mistake but then you will never be normal either; at least not "general society" normal.

So in following up on my last post, I think that the mind of the type 3 or 4 gender dysphoric needs to go through a complete mental transformation; one which rejects the typical two gender model which we were taught to adhere to. Once you accept that your sense of internal gende