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sartorial liberty

There is no question that women have it harder in the social scheme of things. Men run the world and continue to see the female gender as the less powerful and important of the two binaries. This is not just my observation but an actual fact of life.

Things are admittedly changing for the better but in many cultures being male are seen as strong and dominant whereas being female is to be weak and subservient.

Perhaps because of this imbalance and in attempts to raise themselves above this imposed inequality, women have fought battles for more freedoms of expression which have brought them greater flexibility in their choices. They have adopted more traditionally male roles in greater numbers than men have adopted female roles. They can dress with more flexibility because to desire to emulate or identify with the male is seen as desirable whereas to be more female is seen as disempowering. A man who wants to dress as a woman is seen as a fairy; weakling or social pariah whereas a woman who dresses as a man will be at worst mildly ridiculed or thought of as butch.

Consider that in the 1950’s very few, if any, women wore pants whereas today perhaps a tiny sliver of men wear skirts.

I mention all this because for MtF gender variant people who do not wish to transition but instead desire for freer modes of feminine expression, there is still much work to do in terms of social acceptance. Therefore we cannot wait for society to give us a free pass but must instead live life as we see fit.

Certainly the vast majority of men will choose not to exercise this option but it would be nice to see a world where those of us who are different would not be discriminated against.

Today, we are increasingly seeing examples of younger gender variant people who are living as they feel they were meant to. Those of us from older generations have had to learn this a little later in our lives but it’s never too late to get a full grasp of your full identity and exercise your freedom to express it.

Live as you were meant to because you only have one life and it belongs to you.


  1. Being "different" is another issue in this civil and polite society. Well put, joanna! I say, "Life, it is all about YOU!" No excuses, no conflicts, just you with yourself. It's nice to see mind-sets are changing. Slowly but ....

  2. slowly indeed but we can change ourselves instead of waiting for others to change...


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