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the nuclear age crossdresser

You may not have noticed but the nuclear age crossdresser no longer exists. You know; the family man with a wife, 2 kids and a dog who has a secret life as a woman and dresses up in hotels during business trips?

That archetype is starting to disappear.

Instead we have young people being themselves. They are expressing their gender variance openly and are starting their relationships with all this out in the open; their partners keenly aware and having the chance to either accept or reject this difference.

The world is a very different place from the one I grew up in and it is a breath of fresh air and for those of us who took a while to catch up its still not too late. Yes it took some extra work, but the effort was worthwhile.

The Tri-Esses, Seahorse Societies, and Casa Susanna’s of this world have now outlived their usefulness but they filled a need that existed back then. They filled the needs of people who fell off the margins as a misunderstood class that has always been a part of every society. Our Judeo-Christian western civilization just didn’t know what to make of them so they found their own outlets.

Some, like Virginia Prince, Katherine Cummings and Susana Valenti transitioned but most didn’t; most continued as family men and many I suspect may have taken their secret to the grave.

This is now more and more becoming a piece of our history and I for one am glad we’re moving on.

Tri-Ess meeting attendee


  1. A fairly acute observation of evolving society. Us nuclear age CDs are still out there but even we are evolving and expanding. I am on a business trip this week to Rochester. In the old days I would take my stash of clothes and be happy to dress in my room and stay there. High adventure would be a race down the hall to the ice machine and back with a bucket of ice.
    I drove on Tuesday for 5+ hours in a denim skirt, pantyhose and light makeup. For check in I slipped some shorts on but after checking in I freshed my makeup and headed out for a beer and takeout.
    Last night I met a member of Rochester T girls at a coffee shop. I then stopped for a beer. I hope to get out tonight.
    At my age and position in life with friends, family, co-workers I need to keep my dressing secret from everyone but my wife. She is fearful if I am dressed out of the house or even seen in the house throught the windows. Society is evolving so that even a CD who is read as a guy in a dress is fairly safe and accepted almost anywhere he goes.
    I do agree that groups such as Tri-Ess served a great function but society has evolved and the next generation will not be faced with the issues us older folks encountered.

    1. Isn't it great Pat that you can feel increasingly accepted and able to expand your horizons even in little ways? I am glad for you and for me...

    2. It is always baby steps, but every small step forward is a step in the right direction. I only wish that my wife could understand. It is one of those things where if you have to explain it to someone who does not understand it can't. I think that you and I have been raised to believe that all things cand be understood and explained and we run counter to that core concept when it comes to our dressing.

    3. N does not understand either and to be truthful as much research as I have done has led me to self fulfillment but not further explanation. What would help is that she just accept that this is something you have to do and that you still love her.

    4. I think one of the things that my wife dislikes most about my crossdressing is the fear that our friends, neighbors and family will find out. I admit I'm still a little nervous about that but I don't share the same fear my wife does.

      It would be nice to think that society is transitioning to a point where people like us can express either our male or female sides. I think it will be a while yet (and I don't think I'll be around to see it), but I think it will happen.

      Look at tattoos. Once only Navy men and bad girls had tattoos. Now it's a commonplace even among professional people. And not just little discrete tattoos, but full sleeves.

      Gender freedom is not the same as tattoos but if things can change so quickly in one arena, well, who knows!

  2. Linda marie I used to worry about the same thing but the fear turned out to be much worse than the reality. If they find out what of it? As far as I know it is not a crime to wear women's clothing. Everyone knows we exist but no one seems to know one personally which I find somewhat sad. Thanks for your feedback!


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