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Over dinner last night, N told me that she thought I might be talking to issues that few people actually care about. I think she might be right.

Most transgender people are not directly impacted by the faulty science I point to in my blog. The people who are making the day to day decisions that affect the rights of transgender people do so with empathy and sensitivity.

So why do I insist on focusing on these issues?

I guess its because all of that strife I went through, which then submerged me into gender theory, had me finding such flagrant gaps of logic that I became indignant.

She is right of course. Things are improving every day for people with gender dysphoria and the treatment options are more varied than ever.

That is what counts most.


  1. I for one find your discussions fascinating. I have found it profoundly difficult to find good scientifically based theories on the web regarding gender variances. And their tends to be a large volume of pseudo-science stuff out there that just keeps getting repeated endlessly. It is refreshing seeing someone as yourself debunking the myths and standing up for what is actually valid.

    So from me at least, thanks!

  2. I am glad you find it useful Nadine thank you...

  3. Joanna, please don’t stop your discussions. I agree with Nadine wholeheartedly. You are one of the few that brings up the theories and science / pseudo-science that is out there and does all the hard work in thrashing it out and picking holes in it for us.
    I remember the times before you stopped in November last year where you got me involved sometimes in the discussions you started. It helped me to self-reflect and find out more about myself, thank you for that.
    I am so glad that your ‘sabbatical’ was only half the traditional year and that you are now back in full swing. You may not get that many comments to the subjects that you bring up but this I believe is not because we are not interested. I can only speak for myself here. I have always read your posts and on finishing some of them end up slightly frustrated in that I cannot, due to my level of knowledge on the subject, come back to you and discuss further.
    I think it’s because it is a complex subject and although it touches all of us in some way, our own perceptions on the matter can be elusive and not easily formulated. It touches on fundamental questions about ourselves and is not something one can easily ‘on the fly’ comment on.
    What you do with you posts, is help us by giving us a roadmap, a reading list and some homework to do, we may not get full marks but we still learn something every time.
    Keep it up.
    Love Abigale

    1. very much appreciated feedback Abi....I know that this is a complex topic and I am not really looking for big commentary so don't worry...


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