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the challenge for the faithful

I had a very religious upbringing which made my journey that much more difficult regarding the acceptance of my gender dysphoria.

Right now, religious conservatives are being cross-circuited. The challenge of Christianity is to love all of mankind and accept people as they are. They are to love the sinner but hate the sin but then is transgenderism sinning? I would argue that it is at most a morally neutral issue.

If one is modifying their body to correct something that is arguably an error of nature is that any different than the surgery people have to correct other abnormalities that we are now able to address with modern surgical techniques? What about those who only opt for hormone therapy or only transition socially with no alterations to speak of?

We have entered into a realm where these literalists must try and navigate the waters between empathy and their dogmatic belief that there is man and there is woman and nothing in between.

Some churches may still want transgender people in them but want them to stay quiet and invisible. But in today’s instant media world that is no longer possible. Even young transgender women can no longer really transition in stealth even if they wanted to. There is simply too much access to instant information to make that even possible.

My own conservative sister does not know what to make of me any longer. She knows that my dysphoria is something I did not create for myself and has stopped asking me about it. She knows I manage my life with it as best as I can. Despite her staunch and dogmatic beliefs she is a well-educated professional woman and can be reasoned with.

There are plenty of people out there who are not educated and who don’t care to know anything outside of their own personal belief system. I wrote about this a few posts back. They want their Biblical black and white world to stay untouched by such confusing issues.

The challenge for churches of all denominations going forward will be to minister to transgender people who still consider themselves religious and want to remain within the confines of the faith they were brought up in. They also don’t want to be treated like pariahs because they have addressed an anomaly that they had no part in creating.

This will not be an easy feat but since it is being addressed at the governmental, scholastic and corporate arenas they cannot afford to continue to bury their head in the sand and pretend the issue isn’t there.

Churches already have the burden of ministering to smaller and smaller numbers of people who for various reasons have abandoned their faith. Failing to address this one properly would only potentially make things worse.

Here is one of those conservative websites negating a positive story by Marni Panas that I featured two posts ago. You can find the link here.


  1. Thanks, soon to be a case study...having christian counseling and wanting the best for the family ...we'll see what happens.

  2. Please do keep me informed Dee....


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