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the imitation game

The most explosive social issues seem to always involve people on the outside dictating to those who are most intimately involved. This is the nature of the world I am afraid.

If you don’t conform or fit in you will be made to or you will be punished. This usually takes the form of ostracizing, insulting and/or actual physical violence.

I had already seen “The Imitation Game” in the theatre shortly after its release but watching it again with my son recently brought this subject flooding back into my mind. This film, by the way, was both N’s and my choice for best picture of 2014. It was beat out by “Birdman” which was a more unconventional and esoteric film.

If you haven’t seen the movie you should because it features the life story of Alan Turing, a brilliant man who had a great impact on the world. In the end he was reduced to being punished for being a homosexual during a time when acting upon it was considered indecent behaviour.

Those of us who are transgender can relate.

The people most vocal and adamant on these types of issues are often the ones least well placed to know or dictate what the rules should be. And yet this is how our societies mostly function.

By the film's end you are moved and angry that such things could happen. Change often happens only after great injustices are committed and sometimes causes require martyrs because society is ignorant and afraid of difference.

The film can be found on Netflix. Please see it.


  1. wonderful movie....the ending is so terribly sad....


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