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Mr. Caitlyn Jenner

This what being a Republican gets Caitlyn Jenner: the courtesy of being addressed in male pronouns.

Now admittedly this site is more right leaning than some but it strikes at the heart of the challenge that people who transition face in front of Biblically literalist evangelicals and very staunch right wingers who cannot see past the DNA issue. They are still stuck on the garden of Eden so you're not going to get them to budge.

Gender dysphoria may be recognized by expert clinicians and researchers who treat and care for the transgender but for a great many people this comes down to pure folly.

What is funny is that while some transgender and transsexual people themselves can't get their own house in order (Blanchardism versus biology) the rest of the world could care less and either embraces or wholeheartedly rejects.

Ever since Republicanism became less and less about fiscal conservatism and more about traditional (dare I say backward) positions on wedge issues like homosexuality, immigrants and religious fervor, it's gotten harder and harder to talk about actual science.

Unfortunately for us the science is dragging woefully behind on our issue.

I wonder how Jenner rationalizes all this in her mind.

The story can be found at the following link:


  1. I read the article and just came away seething at the use of the male pronoun....both on your part and the author of the article. Absolutely inexcusable. With that said, Joanna, I have always felt a close connection with you and still do. I can disagree with Caitlyn's politics but I will never use the male pronoun when referring to her.

    As far as her politics are concerned, I am more towards the center and don't subscribe to her apparent views on homosexuality, immigrants, gay marriage, etc. I really wonder if these are her views or perhaps her true feelings are taken out of context. It's beyond me to believe that anyone trans would not support gay marriage and virtually any LGBT issues.


    1. Calie I hope you know that my tongue was very much in my cheek when I used the male pronoun for her. I don't at all agree with the approach of the article and its disrespect. Regardless of my agreement or not with her politics it was the wrong thing to do

    2. I get it, Joanna. I was a bit emotional the day I wrote that and my response was prompted by a pronoun issue I witnessed just a few hours prior to reading your post. I'm sorry, Joanna. Not my style to put my emotions into the written word unless it is a carefully worded blog post.

  2. As a Republican with some views I cannot agree with I do see Caitlyn Jenner as being in a unique position to educate people and find acceptance from others in a positive fashion by being one of them rather than trying to force feed an agenda down someone's throat.
    I have been told that I bat right, throw right and think right and I tend to see myself as a traditional conservative, libertarian who believes in self reliance and acceptance of all. I think many other Republicans feel that we need less government and that the government we have should comport with its constitutional mandate. I do not think government's role is to make me think like you and I do not think my role is to make you think like me. Jenner can be admired for what she did in her prior life and for the courage she shows today. If you liked the old Bruce how can you not like the new Caitlyn?

  3. well said Pat. I don't mean to pick on Republicans but just the ones who are most contrary to Caitlyn and how she deals with it...


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