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now why didn't I think of that!!

If you read highly conservative or dogmatically religious websites and their depiction of the "transgender illusion" you will often see that one of the rationalizations they use is that you can't change someone's DNA. This revelation is somehow supposed to bring the person to their senses and realize how silly they were so they can exclaim: "now why didn't I think of that!"

When I read such nonsense I want to go to the author, tap on their skull and say: "hello anybody home?"

Maybe I am being just a tad sarcastic but you get my point.

Of course people with gender dysphoria understand this obvious observation but we are dealing with a mismatch that resides in the part of the brain that affects neither intelligence nor logic. Dysphoria feels like a disconnect between your birth sex and your target sex with the stronger varieties causing an extreme dissonance between them which must be addressed. There is no logic that is going to eliminate the feelings nor temper them and there is no known cure for dysphoria other than transition. Barring that there is only management.

Those who argue along the lines of biology must think that we are somehow trying to convince ourselves that we are genetic women when no such thing is actually possible. This argument infers that this is an issue of choice which of course it is not. Speaking for myself I would have rather grown up without gender dysphoria and not having had to adapt my life around it the way I have.

But let's say for the sake of argument that this delusion they claim saves someone's life and turns them into a happy and well adjusted human being. Would the issue of genetics be important then?

This is why I continue to maintain that the best resource for a gender dysphoric is another person who experiences it as even the most seasoned gender therapist does not have such a unique perspective. Even then, the best resource is yourself because no one can truly guide you in this area.


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