Saturday, 14 May 2016

being your own free thinker

I now know that I am a woman but then I am also a man. It wasn't until I firmly understood and accepted this duality that I became truly happy. I didn't have a choice in the plumbing I received or in the education as a boy. That was decided for me but I knew that something was different about me very early on.

To understand me you need to know that my life has been a lot about doing your duty and conforming but those days are over. I have made a resolve to follow my heart.

Gender is one of those things we don't really understand. Sex and reproduction we do but what is in those complicated litte brains of ours is still very much a mystery. It's easy to dispel the insistence of a child who feels different and only now are we truly listening.

What clothes a person wears and which of the sexes they are attracted to is their business. For far too long we allowed misguided religion in conjunction with societal forces to tell us how to live and how to think.

It feels good to let go of all that baggage and once you get here you can never go back.

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