Saturday, 2 July 2016

my expression

Over the years my feminine expression has morphed. I used to call myself a crossdresser because that was the closest definition that I could find for myself and because I desperately didn't want to be a transsexual.

I have dropped all the definitions now and just call what I do treating my dysphoria.

But I haven't borrowed anything from anyone for many years and every stitch of makeup, clothing and shoes is my own. I don't really crossdress anymore I just dress. Along with that progression has been increasing comfort and peace.

Perhaps that is a litmus test for those of you who crossdress and are concerned about it: does it make your life better or worse overall? Is it an activity that stops you from living life to the fullest or part of your identity? I think if you can answer those questions honestly you will know what it means.

That progression need not mean I am that much closer to transition but rather repatriating all aspects into one complete person.


  1. yes i jsut call myself transgender.....

  2. Sounds like the perfect descriptor Liza