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of things beyond our understanding

When my doctor friend and I had dinner the other night he told me a chilling story which stayed with me and always will. As a preamble I will state that I am a spiritual person and so is he but even from a purely scientific standpoint its remarkable with a side that cannot be explained.

This particular evening a few years ago he was working in the emergency room. The ambulance brought in a young woman who had been killed in an automobile accident but there was a catch: she was visibly pregnant. He checked for any vital signs and looked at the pupils and confirmed that she was indeed dead. The focus was now on trying to save the life of the baby.

For this reason they put her on mechanical life support.

The husband was apparently travelling and it took a while to reach him but eventually they succeeded. By this time they had tried every possible manner of resuscitation but to no avail. Had she not been pregnant they would then have proceeded to harvest the organs as she had signed her donor card.

Two full days later for some unexplained reason she began breathing on her own and he wishes he had been around to see it. He still almost can't believe it because as a physician of more than 30 years experience he had never witnessed this before nor since. He was beyond astonished because there had been no brain or heart activity to speak of. This was no coma and she was technically deceased by all our current medical understanding. The machine only kept the heart pumping for the benefit of the unborn baby.

About a year later he needed to know how she was doing and he found out that a pediatrician colleague of his was seeing her baby. So he took slightly unorthodox measures of finding out when her next appointment was just to look upon her for himself.

He arrived at the waiting room that day and saw this young woman sitting alone with her baby. He approached slowly and as she looked up she saw his face and began to tear up. She rose from her seat and slowly put her arms around him and whispered "thank you for saving my life"

He was speechless. How on earth would she have been able to recognize him. She had arrived at the hospital already dead.

She then told him that she had heard and seen everything that was being done to her except that she had not been in her body. She felt she had somewhere to go but just couldn't and had to wait.

This is the single most chilling experience he has had over his career as a physician and he was so proud and happy to share it with me.

21 years ago I had to give my father an overdose of morphine to stop his heart which is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. He was in the very last days of his battle with lung cancer and his emaciated body was laboring to breathe. The home care nurse had explained to me the signs to look for and to proceed with the injection. He was not in the hospital but at home and she only came once a week.

After administering the dosage a few minutes passed and then he was gone. I then felt something I have never felt before nor since and which I can only describe as a warm feeling of euphoria. I immediately turned to my youngest sister who was right next to me over his body and asked:

"Did you feel that?"

She answered back immediately:

"Yes what was that!?"


  1. I had the out of body experience when my appendix ruptured in hospital at 11 years old. As the pain from the toxins in my body became intolerable, My spirit left my body, through the top of my head. I consoled my parents and told them I was fine and no longer in pain. I witnessed the start of surgery in the operation room from above. I fell down the bright tunnel, was welcomed by deceased relatives, then a friendly voice said, "You must go back, there is much more for you to do yet." I began to go backwards down the tunnel and the next thing I remember is waking in the recovery room. Became a physicist, have 3 lovely daughters and eight grandchildren. There was more for me to do! You would enjoy. You might find "The Light Between Us" by Laura Lynn Jackson of interest.

  2. My paternal grandfather had a stoke and was hospitalized in Orlando. I knew he was very sick. My father was in Orlando to visit him. I was driving home late from work, I was in the middle of the causeway when this very strange feeling came over me and I knew that my grandfather had died. I got to my apartment and the phone was ringing. I answered the phone it was my sister and she said my name and I said to her " grandpa died". We both cried on the phone awhile before we could talk. I have never experienced anything like it again. My sister and I were very close to our grandfather much closer than any of my other sisters or cousins.

  3. thanks Keith and Michelle for sharing your own experiences!

  4. I was very touched by your post. My level of spirituality tells me that there is more to this universe than that which we can readily see. My wife is very spiritual and she gets feelings from time to time that are uncanny and eerie but over the years I have come to trust her intuition.


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