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a literal horror show

Donald Trump is an unmitigated disaster of a person. Pompous, arrogant and mean spirited he represents the opposite of the type of statesmanship and class that a head of state is supposed to possess. Yet half of voting Americans are apparently ready to have this man as President.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston has been following Trump’s career for decades and what he finds is even more unappealing than I first imagined. Not surprisingly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Trump’s father and grandfather had dubious business practices that included ties to organized crime as well as running whore houses.

When the eldest of the Trump sons declined to go into the family business it was the "The Donald" who offered to learn the trade. What he ended up becoming is not a pretty site and he has left a trail of deceit, lawsuits, vindictiveness and revenge behind him.

But if Americans want this man for a President then who am I to argue. All I can say is that as bad as Dubbya was, he is starting to look good by comparison.

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  1. We in the USA are in deep trouble. Our only hope is if neither candidate gets enough electoral votes and our congress gets to elect a president. I am not sure they will do a very good job of it but at least it will not be one of the two candidates running now. Forget the third parties they are just as bad as the Donald and Hillary. God help us!

  2. I am hoping that Hillary can muster enough votes to sneak in and while she may not be the dream candidate she won't do nearly as much harm. For the record I had my fingers crossed for Bernie but the DNC derailed him.

  3. I'm deeply afraid that if Trump is elected that he will emulate Hitler. I'm encouraged that the tide is returning recently toward Hillary and believe she will prevail.

  4. As the email leaks documented it was political tricks and inside influence within the DNC that derailed Bernie.

    With Hillary we will have "leading from behind" that brought the Arab Spring. We will also get an income tax rate of over 44% at the top and the middle class tax rate ($37-91K) will be over 30%. Also try not to die because she wants a 65% inheritance tax on money that has already been taxed.

    She will grow the government at take away rights and freedoms that Americans have long enjoyed.

    Lets not forget about the buyout of the FBI and the sacrifice of the people in Benghazi.

    She was a waste as a senator and a disaster as Sec. of State.

    She will do worse than Obama, the only president to never do above 2% annual growth.

    As for her well known temper and her mean spiritedness we can only fear that the concept of heads rolling is more figurative than actual.

    While Trump may not have been on the top of the list of candidates I would have selected he is head an shoulders above the email queen who for her own selfish reasons exposed America's top secrets to its enemies and then lied and lied and lied again about it as her story evolved.


  5. Pat I admit its a bad crop this year but I would still hold my nose and vote (were I American) for Clinton over this disaster. I am hard pressed to think of a worse Republican ever running for this office.


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