Monday, 10 October 2016

Vernon Coleman

Recently I was reading a page from Vernon Coleman’s website. For those who don’t know Mr. Coleman he considers himself a transvestite and is a member of the Beaumont Society. He is the only member to have joined using his male name.

Vernon Coleman does not aim to pass and he just simply enjoys wearing women’s clothing which is of course absolutely fine. He also wants to make very clear the distinction between himself and someone who might want to have a sex change:

“At the moment the media is definitely not on our side. Much of the media coverage transvestites get is bad. Many journalists (wrongly) regard crossdressers as transsexuals who haven't got the courage to have the operation”

While he is not wrong necessarily in saying this, the content on his site does not recognize that gender identity is a spectrum and that there are people on that scale who reside on a different rung. But like some transitioned people on the other end of the scale, he prefers to view this issue as being more black and white than it actually is.

I am increasingly fascinated by the personal narratives of people who want to explain their own behavior to themselves and I suspect that if Mr. Vernon had been a patient of Harry Benjamin he probably would have been categorized as a type I.

By now I have been to so many sites and have read the blogs of people who are all over the map when it comes to their gender identity proving all the more that humanity is indeed a complex mosaic.

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