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it should be easy to be tolerant

No matter what the so-called "Conservative Christians" in the Trump White House try to do to roll back transgender rights it’s actually too late to delay progress.

Many people will see the mean-spiritedness behind these moves and it will only add to the sense of outrage that this Presidency continues to instill in people who see this as one more attempt to bully and cajole. These despots are not reasonable and one could argue they are not even sane. They certainly are dogmatically motivated but in a direction that goes against the tide of societal advancement.

If the evidence supported their claims would be one thing but the truth is that transgender people go to bathroom to do their business like everyone else. It is obvious to any thinking person that a transgender woman shouldn’t be made to use the men’s room because that’s just dangerous and foolish. But these are not thinking people in charge.

In the past when governments have pushed the population too far, there have been revolutions and protests in the street which eventually produced results. This presidency is only in its infancy and yet every week some new stupidity surfaces which only reinforces the fact that Trump is an imbecile surrounded by zealots.

This is bullying because you think you can get away with it but it will backfire because common sense is not on the side of these crazies. Some school somewhere will soon see the immediate impact of preventing a trans girl from using the ladies room and Trump will once again look like the clueless idiot he already is.

Already large silicon valley giants are criticizing the move as counter productive and many more will chime until they are embarrassed into reversing course.

Upholding human dignity is not hard. If someone wants to live a certain way and they are happy without harming others who are we to stand in their way and why would you want to?

Not surprisingly this has many more progressive nations shaking their heads in disbelief as for them protecting transgender people is seen as being perfectly normal because of course it is....


  1. I agree, it's too late to put the transgender genie back into the bottle. And the harder they try the more people - trans and cis - will resist, protest, and demand change.

    I think that Trump's strategy will backfire. I don't know when but it will.

    A friend, who tells me that he is "to the right of center" told me yesterday that for the first time in his life he's seriously considering joining protest marches. Me too.

  2. From its inception, the United States has been a nation of dangerous contradictions. The people who pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honors to the notion that all men were created equal literally owned other people as slaves. We dare to hold it self evident that each of is is endowed with an inalienable right to pursue our own happiness, and we have more laws on the books that interfere with that most basic of notions than anywhere in the first world. In fact, if you invoke the right to pursue hsppines in court, you will be laughed out of it. The manner in which the word "freedom" and "of religion" and "of speech" are claimed in our political discourse is positively Orwellian. We've been creeping toward right wing autocracy since the 1980s.

    I was not personally wiling to risk a Trump administration to wake Americans up, but here we are. The round up of immigrants has begun. I have personally witnessed the agents patrolling and searching capitols and courthouses. That is the beginning, and I bet many in 1930s Berlin thought the events in their immediate future were impossible in such an open and tolerant city as well.

    I am at least heartened that Amercians have indeed begun to wake up, organize and protest like never before. I have witnessed that personally too. And it is not just amgry liberals. Republican lives have been saved by Obamacare, and even they are shouting at town halls that their loves are in jeopardy if the promised repeal and replace doesn't really include a replacement. Most people who call themselves conservatives are not hateful people, and I think they'll see they've been had if they voted Trump.

    In a sense we are in a battle of wills. Trump's fascist/batshit administration is more than happy to do, try or say ANYTHING, and the resistance can neither tire out nor succumb to infighting I'm response.

    I honestly do not know what will happen. I think collapse or civil war are genuine possibilities. I think it is possible that, come crunch time, ordinary folks might not be willing to lay down their lives for the downtrodden or the "other."

    But so far, we are responding and responding well. Here's to eternal vigilance.


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