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I don't get it...

One of the most powerful countries in the world doesn’t believe in looking out for its citizen’s health preferring to see it as a luxury instead of a basic right.

With the repealing of Obamacare by Republicans, which was already a watered down compromise thanks to free enterprise loving conservatives, it will now leave 20 million Americans without coverage.

Republicans love to extol free-market capitalism and will apply it everywhere. Sure you can have access to great health care in the United States; you simply need to be able to pay for it. So if you are one of those blue collar coal miners who lost their job you are fresh out of luck if you need a colonoscopy because you might just have to declare bankruptcy to get it.

When I had my carotid artery dissection which led to my stroke I was in the Montreal General Hospital intensive care unit for 10 days and it cost me nothing. My taxes took care of that and while you may be triaged in an emergency room and need to wait a few hours those of us who represent true emergencies go to the front of the line. This is the way things should be.

I heard recently on CBC radio that parents were bringing their sick children to hospitals over this past Christmas break that should have stayed home and given cough syrup instead. But you can bet that someone truly in need would be seen right away.

Both times I have been in emergency situations (my stroke and my kidney stone attack) I was looked after within a reasonable amount of time and the only cost was a $600 bill for the ambulance I called.

I don’t understand why health care needs to be a luxury instead of a human right. I am not talking about elective surgery but instead lifesaving treatments that prevent needless deaths.

The only G20 country that still does not have adequate coverage for its citizens is the United States of America and under the current administration that is not about to change since Republicans have an aversion to any form of social assistance.

Call me crazy but I think that for profit healthcare is immoral and here big Pharma and the insurance companies conspire to make sure that coverage leans towards the affluent under the guise of maintaining quality.

It looks like Bernie Sanders' dream will remain a pipe dream.


  1. In Scandinavia the basic health insurance is a public affair. If I get ill and have to go to the hospital, I am not presented with a bill. I have already paid for their help care through my taxes.

    I know that some American right wingers think of this as a socialist waste of money, but the fact is that Norwegian health care is much cheaper than the American version, and more effective.

    Besides, Industry love the arrangement, even if they take part in paying for the system through taxes (which are not that high, by the way). The reason is obviously that the costs associated with having an ill employee is so much lower for them than for their American counterparts.

    The public health care system also represents a social safety net that reduces risk, increases mobility and encourages innovation.

    So even if you do not make a humanitarian argument the American policy makes no sense.

    1. the more we spread the cost over the entire population the cheaper it is for the single payer. Right now there are rich people and some young opting out of paying into the system which raises the cost for those in it. Plus the big pharmaceutical firms don't like cheaper no name brand competition. Add to that the litigation costs of malpractice and you have a broken system.


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