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Donald Trump recently gave an interview to Time magazine where he looked even more imbecilic and inarticulate than usual at one point even saying to the reporter “That's why I'm president and you’re not” as if the hapless interviewer had thrown his hat in the ring and lost.

He is borderline deranged and employs the logic and emotive tactics usually reserved for seven year olds. Talking about how his instincts are usually right he continues to insist that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower with the psychotic zeal that only an unstable person would dare to employ. He brashly tells the reporter that he read it in an article which means it must be true.

Meanwhile the Russia story refuses to go away and little strands of information continue to trickle in and preventing its demise. The democratic lead in the congressional investigation now says there is more than circumstantial evidence in hand.

The Republicans were at the same time having the darndest time trying to sell a healthcare bill that extoled freedom of choice for the patient while concealing the harsh reality that it included provisions for rolling back coverage for all those poor white voters who believed in their charlatan candidate. The far right extremist Koch brothers basically killed the bill because it wasn't harsh enough and Trump and Ryan will go back to their corners because they dare not cross their financial benefactors.

I recently saw a staunchly Republican couple, who had proudly voted for Trump, state that if they lost their health care coverage it would amount to a death sentence for the husband who is a former coal miner suffering from black lung. They still love their president for some reason and hope he doesn't take away their coverage in a region where previously most people were not able to get insurance coverage.

It is more than fair to say that this is the most unqualified person to ever hold this office in the history of the United States and it is distressing to imagine 4 years with him in office given what we have seen in a mere 60 days; the saddest part of all is that it shouldn't have happened if the American people had been given real choice. What they got instead was a decision between corrupt Democrats and a populist buffoon full of empty promises.

Now Americans effectively have a toothless presidency which may not be as bad provided the next four years can give a new party time to coalesce for real change. I for one hope so.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell completely nails it on the head in this brilliant segment...


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