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the first 100 days or "who knew it would be this hard?"

Apparently everyone knew being President was hard except Donald Trump. The man known for the Art of the Deal (actually ghost written by Tony Swarchtz) couldn't fathom that there was something more to the job than closing a sale on a property.

From a statistical point of view this is the worst first 100 days in presidential history with nothing more than a supreme court appointment to his credit and the lowest approval rating ever for a newly elected President. But then I don't think anyone should be too surprised because you could see this coming.

Donald Trump leaves a trail of failed business ventures and lawsuits behind him and whatever reputation he has gained among his base as a successful and shrewd businessman he has gained via firing people on reality television. Except that now he is dealing with actual reality and there is nowhere to hide.

His base will grow increasingly frustrated over time and the congressmen who backed him will need to answer to constituents who want their health care improved instead of taken away. That bill that the Republicans are trying to refashion will ostensibly add another 50 million Americans to the rolls of the uninsured.

Recently a doctor stood up at the town hall of a California congresswoman who argued that single payer health care wasn't feasible because Republicans would vote it down. This doctor was seeing children die due to the fact that their parents could not afford to pay for basic inhalers. She was rightly frustrated and brought this stark reality to the meeting and the reply she received was less than satisfying. Imagine if Martin Luther King has said that segregation couldn't be defeated because the political will wasn't there.

The next 100 days promise to be just as deceiving..


  1. I chuckled when I looked closely at Homer Simpson's book titles - thank you. Yes, he didn't think the job would be that hard. At least in that statement - I assume - he's being honest. I can well imagine how tough a job it must be and I thank goodness that I was never called for such a thing.

    When he first came into office I wasn't sure if I should despair or what. The sick feeling in my stomach was palpable. Now, I am resigned to whatever happens, like being a steerage passenger on a ship that is captained by a fool (although please, no references to the Titanic).

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I trust that the remaining politicians, military, and all (regardless of political affiliation) will look forward to what will happen to their careers if they blindly support Trump and his policies, and will resist or intercede as they see fit. We are already seeing this which is a reason Trump's finding the job "hard." Unlike sitting in the corner suite as a CEO with unequivocal power, our system of government does have checks and balances, and politics too, that he must contend with.

    1. reality always rises to the surface Emma. Maybe this is just the right shock that America needs to make the real changes required...


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