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not thinking things through...

I pass better than some transgender women and have been using the ladies room without incident for many years except according to India Willoughby I shouldn’t be doing that since I don’t have female parts. India would rather I use the men’s room instead.

Ms. Willoughby conveniently forgets that some trans women start off identifying as crossdressers and that some don’t have GRS for years if at all. But she would rather they risk bodily injury or simply hold it till they get home. By doing so she is aligning herself with conservatives who already see all transgender people as mental defectives.

Way to go India. Now that you have transitioned you have become elitist and apparently also obtuse.

If we remember our history bathrooms were not divided by gender in the US until the late 19th century and somehow society survived and, until we start seeing physical attacks on women by crossdressers, we can then debate the merits of Ms. Willoughby's grand idea which only helps fuel the enemies of transgender people by encouraging infighting.

If you see those transformation videos on YouTube there are young men who without the benefit of hormones make for very attractive and passable women. Is India going to inspect their genitals at the bathroom door? clearly she hadn't thought this through and now that she's had her surgery she sounds very much like an old school HBS transsexual pissing in the corn flakes of those perverted transvestites.

Needless to say I won't be taking India's advice as I would be getting far stranger looks in the men's room than in the ladies's in which I currently get none.

Apparently she has since apologized but she might have chewed things over first before speaking.

Thanks to Sarah Savage for the heads up on this story....


  1. Eminently predictable.

    I remember when it was the gay and lesbian community, not the LGBT* community. Similar arguments were made about bisexuals. Bi people were destroying the credibility of genuine gays and lesbians, who had no option to switch back and forth. They were harmful to the movement that said one really and truly could be gay, and not convinced to be otherwise.

    Except they weren't harmful, of course.

    Later trans people were one step too far. Gay wasn't trans. And surely it couldn't help to give people the impression that gay men wanted to be women, or even dress like women. To the extent that such behavior was legitimate - not a foregone conclusion in the Queer community by any stretch of the imagination - it was not a part of the struggle of people with alternative sexual orientations.

    And there has always been tension between transsexuals and transgender people who feel no sex dysphoria. And among transsexuals who pursue physical transition to the fullest extent possible, and those who are content with only some body modification.

    Life on Earth will continually defy our ability to categorize it with language. And all movements get hijacked by less-than-scrupulous folk who seek to take advantage of new paradigms. ADD is a real thing and sometimes debilitating, but myriad people claim to have it who don't, sometimes to use it as an excuse for whatever behavior is bringing them negative attention. It's inevitable.

    Humanity is messy, but in my experience and estimation, minoririte are always stronger when they embrace one another, not when they pursue society's protections by deflecting its negativity onto other vulnerable contingents.

    1. given our tiny proportion of the population we are indeed better off supporting each other than bickering...


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