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Shapiro speaks

Ben Shapiro belongs to that new group of young and brash conservatives who think they know everything because they can rattle off a few skewed statistics and quote references in front of a college audience.

If you watch this video you will see how he completely misunderstands what transgender people are trying to do which is fundamentally deal with their dysphoria. They are perfectly aware that they were not born as their target sex and also understand that what some of them go through is a gender role transition in order to quiet the noise in their head so they can lead normal and prosperous lives.

But Shapiro thinks we are all stupid and continues to press the point that transgender people are confused about their situations even having the gall to suggest that the 40% suicide attempt rate is not linked to societal rejection which it most certainly is. However the fact it drops dramatically in homes where these kids are accepted and loved instead of rejected wouldn't fit well with his right wing ideology.

Neither his lack of style or content win him any points or converts and his speaking rapidly and emphatically in order to disarm his questioners is a ploy to keep them unbalanced. He wouldn't fare well against a more educated and prepared opponent.

You also won't get people like Ben Shapiro to offer any intelligent or useful commentary about how to treat transgender people because that is not within his sphere of interest. His blunt force pronouncements about how forcing the rest of society to call a transgender woman or man by the proper pronouns is more what he is after and like Canadian professor Jordan Peterson they both stand their ground and use conservative ideology to repress a tiny fragment of the population presumably to save our societies from moral ruin or from political correctness gone mad. Note how he calls it a transgender movement as if there were a grand conspiracy afoot.

He gets hung up on biology and genitals because he is not interested in the subtleties of the subject matter.

It might not have occurred to an obnoxious person like Shapiro that transgender people have been around for millennia and need to fit in somewhere. By treating them with a modicum of dignity and respect you only elevate yourself as well but unfortunately good manners or good intent are not among his strong points...


  1. "Ben Shapiro belongs to that new group of young and brash conservatives who think they know everything because they can rattle off a few skewed statistics and quote references in front of a college audience."

    Heh, no. They just think they know everything period. There is no because.

    ". . . Shapiro thinks we're all stupid, and continues to press the point that transgender people are confused . . . "

    We're not confused. We're confusing to him. And to many non-hostile members of society, to be fair. But the hostile ones are determined to bounce that confusion back onto us. The confusion hurts,

    To wit, "his blunt force pronouncements about . . . forcing the rest of society" to acknowledge us with preferred pronouns. Because, you know, well, asking him to conform to something he just can't is cruel.

    Ahh, the coopting of victimhood. A classic among the conservative ideologue's memetic scams.

    The irony tickles. Don't waste any moral energy being perturbed by the likes of Ben Shapiro. That's exactly what they want, and the "peaceful" way left for them to "win." ;-)

    1. in the end what he thinks is irrelevant anyway since trans people aren't going away just for him and society is finding ways to grapple with that reality. He is just part of the frustrated alt-right sour grapes...


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