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I have been to Dr. Kelley Winters blog before and she is a lucid and helpful ally of the transgender community so when I was reading some comments on Amazon regarding her book "Gender Madness in American psychiatry" which is a critique of the highly conservative psychiatric profession and its tendency to discredit transgender people as mentally ill, I happened upon one which I found particularly spot on:

"Dr. Winters is the last person I know whom I would consider either narcissistic or rageful. Her book is well thought out, and flows in spite of being built from a number of blog posts (as if that would discredit the facts and analysis within). Her blog posts generated feedback which she used to create a more holistic work, one which puts the lie to the canards of the Toronto/Northwestern axis of transphobia.

Yes, Ms. Farmer, brain sex is important, even though Dr. Winters doesn't delve into that field. The medical profession, which five years ago scoffed at the concept of gender identity, now recognizes gender variance as part of the human condition. The work of Dr. Reiner in the NEJM, preceded by the research of Drs. Diamond, Zhou, Kruijver and others, has proven that our gender identity is seated in our brains. Where else, pray tell? Our genitals?

That humanity thought that was true until recently is quite telling, but we do have the capacity to learn. Now that we've lifted the veil of secrecy, the cone of pediatric emergency from the births of intersexed babies, we can acknowledge the remarkable sexual and gender diversity of our species. Transsexual men and women are part of that diversity, whatever the etiology - be it toxic, chromosomal, genetic, epigenetic, hormonal or idiopathic.

Unfortunately the medical profession is a seriously conservative profession, and psychiatry even more, so discredited crackpots can and are left in positions of power. Dr. Zucker has done a great deal of research, so he is rightfully accorded the respect due his prodigious labors. It is up to the rest of us to expose the bias in that labor, to unmask the prejudice behind terms such as "homosexual transsexual," and to demand the follow-ups, such as those provided by Hannah Rosin the recent issue of "The Atlantic," that showcase the failure and cruelty of his reparative therapy. That therapy will be joining the gay reparative therapy of the NARTH crowd in the dustbin of history, and soon Dr. Zucker's ideology will be seen in the same light Dr. Money's was ten short years ago.

Worse is the work of Ray Blanchard, with its pseudo-Freudian methodology and romantic constructs such as autogynephilia. That a profession such as psychiatry, which is moving inexorably into the 21st century based on science, as longed for by Freud himself, would even consider a concept such as autogynephilia, is a disgrace. I believe the profession will refuse to grant this nonsense the time of day when the time comes to consider the update for the DSM V. It will be even more unlikely after President Obama signs into law a "gender identity and expression" - inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act next year."

All I can say is bravo and wow has this person ever done their homework!


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