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I second that!


  1. Though their methods of saying so are vastly different, this commentator, President Obama, and President Trump all agree that we woefully lack immigration laws that do the right thing. The lack of proper laws on the subject allow Presidents to act on this issue by decree in a draconian fashion (Trump) or an irresponsible fashion (Obama), decrees that whipsaw the innocent and encourage bad behavior. Neither Presidents nor the courts can solve this problem or even make things better. Only Congress can create a better, lasting solution. Both Presidents and this commentator are right to recommend that we contact our Members of Congress and upbraid (and keep upbraiding) those who are failing at writing the laws: get off their lazy, scared-of-their-own-shadow a$$e$, start negotiating with each other like we as citizens elected them to do, and draft and pass legislation that addresses this issue properly. You betcha it is hard work for everyone concerned, but anything worthwhile usually is.

    1. What bothers me in particular about this president is that he is not about moral courage but about himself and his history shows it. So he is being guided around by the Steve Bannons and the family council of evangelicals who are essentially white religious hypocrites who don't want these people in America. I do not agree that Obama and Trump are alike although I bemoan the fact that legislation could not have been passed to solve the problem once and for all because these hard working and decent Americans don't deserve deportation.


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