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a chance at a complete overhaul

Rex Tillerson had his moment of candor and of course he wasn’t wrong; the man he is working for is a f@#ing moron and a dangerous one at that.

This is where populism fails because, in its proper form, it requires a man with dignity and intellect who defies the red tape of bureaucracy in order to do the right thing to benefit the electorate. I can safely state that this does not describe Donald Trump in the least. He is instead the equivalent of a tempestuous and clueless juvenile with a penchant for striking out at detractors.

His base may represent the rabble of America but then there are many others who held their nose instead of voting for Clinton. So if America can make it all the way through what will assuredly be a horrid remainder of the term they may be compelled enough to make a wholesale change to a political system that is so corrupt it allowed this buffoon to become president.

When Trump goes he can also take that little weasel Jeff Sessions and his twisted agenda with him.

If true change doesn’t come after this I don’t know when it will and I just hope and pray that there will be enough adults left in the administration to prevent a nuclear war.

Can you imagine the Cuban missile crisis with Trump at the helm?

It makes me shudder just thinking about it.


  1. "Can you imagine the Cuban missile crisis with Trump at the helm?"

    Unfortunately that is where we are now with North Korea. The only good news is that it seems that China is on our side if only because they can't afford the global economic upheaval that would happen if we get into a war. I suppose it's also good news that it doesn't seem that Russia has direct involvement with North Korea but then again isn't this situation exactly what Putin aims for? They have more modern strategies to cause disruption and war without installing missile hardware in North Korea.

  2. I'm not sure what it will take to make Americans overhaul our government. It's been broken for so long, and our slide into kakistocracy was eminently predictable. The average American still doesn't think anything REALLY bad could happen.

    I don't know what we're on the verge of. Republicans hold almost enough states to call a whole Constitutional convention. And we don't really believe in our rights. Most people here haven't read the Constitution we have. They just assume it says and means what they want it to.

    1. its actually depressing. Only 38% of Americans know that the civil war was about slavery. The next biggest chunk at 41% think it was about state's rights.


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