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telling it like it is

Jeff Flake speaks the truth. Showing at least some modicum of dignity compared to the rest of the disgraceful GOP, he utters some spot on words.

The party who decided to appeal to the lowest common denominator attracted white uneducated numbskulls, religious extremists and outright bigots. So no, there is no more room for even remotely moderate Republicans in this version of the GOP.

But I don't feel too sorry for Flake. I am far more concerned for the population of America who must tolerate this imbecile for another 3 years...


  1. Flake’s no moderate. He’s just not an outright fascist. I don’t congratulate him for this. Especially since he and his party spent decades pandering to their basest base voter in code, making the monster that is Trump. Yeah, thanks for the speech, Jeff. I’ll take it for what it’s worth, but only what it’s worth. I’ll be happier if you spend your life fighting Trump instead of what you’ll likely do - get a lucrative lobbying job.

    1. you are not wrong in this Caryn its just that by comparison he looks sane. Its the same way we look back at Bush now and are almost nostalgic. This is how bad things have gotten!

    2. I was not familiar with Flake. I appreciate Caryn’s writing that seems to corroborate my feelings that if Flake were as anti Trump as he espouses that he’d stay and fight. Capitulating as he’s done is tantamount to giving Trump what he wants which is to replace people like Flake with those who support Trump.

      Flake’s now had his moment in the news. In all too short a time all that will be forgotten. He’s whimped out.

    3. I’ll actually give him a little more credit than that, Emma. The only reason he isn’t running again is that Trump is overwhelmingly popular in Arizona. He simply can’t win his primary and be critical of Trump at all. He’ll have to say very bigoted and awful thins to win against his challenger. He could choose to do this. Instead, he has chosen to announce, sooner than he needs to, that he’ll bow out. Which gives him and fellow Republicans doing likewise the freedom to criticize without fear of political reprisal (and also opens the race, giving a Democrat a better chance).

      What upsets me is that that’s as far as it goes. He will be there until Jan. 2019, but then what? Will he continue to call out Trump and his party afterward? I think he’s obligated to more than just quit.

    4. Thank you Caryn, I see what you mean. Maybe (hopefully) Mr. Flake does intend to do more in his remaining time and after. I fear who will replace people such as him.

    5. This NYT article says it well, I think:

  2. Someone has to begin to take that party back although I don't much care for conservatism; at least not this type. The other day I was watching Clint Eastwood speaking about his Libertarian beliefs; he is a small government leave people to their own lives advocate but the GOP is anything but that and has become a racist and interventionist party who meddles in social affairs while protecting their rich white benefactors. It's enough to make you wretch.


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