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right wing warriors

Social conservatives are all about finding fault with progress. They decry social justice warriors (SWJs), political correctness, the LGBT agenda and any other movements that threaten their world view. I have written about them here: people like Ben Shapiro, Tomi Lahren, Faith Goldy, Spiro Yannopoulos and Matt Crowder. They are aggressive and insulting and make conclusions about things they know little about.

They have also gained a small but loyal following of angry millenials who want to find fault with the world and all that ails it.

These pundits are shrill and painfully annoying and are armed with the kind of smugness that youth is particularly blessed with. Their interest in truth takes a back seat to criticising what they see as an overabundance of political correctness behind which they conceal their disdain for people they do not comprehend. They are the next wave of Ann Coulters armed with an even healthier dose of chutzpah.

Basic psychology would suggest that their aggression comes from deep seated fear that things aren’t quite the way you imagine them. A well adjusted and happy person has nothing to be aggressive about and doesn’t interfere with the happiness of others unless it collides with dogmas that threaten a tidy and imagined world order.

This youth core differs from the geriatric Fox News curmudgeon but they are cut from much the same cloth. The way things are supposed to be are not to be tampered with and you risk facing their wrath on radio, social media or some college campus talk which draws no shortage of protestors. They aren’t dumb but not nearly as intelligent as they think they are since experience is what encourages doubt that not all is as it appears.

Let’s see where they are in twenty years shall we?


  1. In 20 years? Being paid to do more of what they're doing. Right wing lunacy is the last remaining career with job security. It's actually a great gig. The right wing takes are of those willing to say anything for it. And these talkers know they're auditioning for people in charge. They'll be shifted around in think tanks and appointed to positions for which they are eminently unqualified. They'll be fine. The poor saps that support them and vote for them? Not so much. In 20 years there won't be a recognizable America.
    - Caryn Bare

    1. extreme punditry seems to be the new form of entertainment. A pretty sad state of affairs. I also forgot to mention that dolt Tucker Carlson who always has that stupid and befuddled expression when he interviews...


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