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the swamp

That writer Micheal Wolff has managed to further expose Donald Trump as a thin-skinned and incompetent malcontent should surprise no one who has been paying any kind of attention to this presidency. A sour grape stained Steve Bannon as well as other insiders opened their mouths and told the rest of us what was plainly obvious from the outset: namely that this gang has no idea what they are doing and are being guided by a man child who is only now learning that running a country is not the same thing as inheriting your father's real estate empire.

So while Obama gracefully took the venom shot his way by a hate-filled GOP directly on the chin, Trump sulks and points out every criticism on Twitter like a spoiled toddler. Only from the mind of a very small man could there be so much pontificating and outright lying. I am uncertain as to whether he actually he believes his own utterances like how he invented the word "fake" or that his administration has done more than any other in US history (which to date is to pass one bill in one year) but I am mostly betting here on extreme narcissism bordering on psychosis as being the main culprit.

The depressing truth is that there will always be about 35% of the population which can be reached via the lowest common denominator. These are not great thinkers but people (some no doubt well-meaning) who can be manipulated via echo chambers which are more prevalent than ever; how else could this complete buffoon have gained the highest office in the land.

This train wreck of a presidency can only be stopped if Robert Muller does his job properly and runs this guy out of office as soon as humanly possible. But I am also betting on a bloodbath at midterm elections for a GOP who stood by and favored political dogma over doing the right thing.

In my view, Americans will also need establishment dems like Nancy Pelosi to be replaced with courageous politicians who want to remake the political landscape into a less corrupt playing field because, failing to do otherwise, could result in all being lost.

Gen-Xers and Millenials will soon have their turn to right the ship and really drain that swamp. Let's see how they do.


  1. Actually, he’s a “genius.” I put that in quotes because I’m not sure he understands its definition:

  2. Roughly 20-30% of Americans will believe anything the right wing says. If someone on TV claims that Chuck Schumer is a cactus, not long after the Internet will be littered with commends about how cacti are the enemy. Only they won't spell it "cacti." They're hopeless, and Democrats really should stop courting them, and woo back the left. Alas.

    I did not want to, but I voted for Hillary Clinton because, whatever her faults - and they were myriad - I knew my republic could survive her. Donald Trump could not surpass this low bar. When Baby Bush was in power, 9/11 chilled talk about his obvious idiocy. Should such an incident befall us again, our institutions might break. At any moment, a nuclear bomb could be fired at North Korea. It hasn't felt like this since the 1980s, and even then, I didn't think President Reagan was a reckless baby. Our survival - the world's survival - is not guaranteed.

    But here's hoping.
    -Caryn Bare

  3. It is as tense as I can remember in my lifetime. I was too young during the Cuban missile crisis. What concerns me about today is that the hatred and mistrust has become entrenched such that neither side is listening and having an erratic imbecile at the helm only adds to the volatility. I am still hopeful that this episode will serve as cautionary tale to help reshape America into a stronger and dare I say less jingoistic country that uses its head more than its heart.


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