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only in Trumpworld

Only in Trumpworld can you have a scandal ridden tenure as head of the EPA, be actively trying to dismantle the very regulations that it purports to enforce and get a slap on the back from President TWITter for a job well done. Because Scott Pruitt was a horror show in his role and finally and mercifully resigned before doing more damage than he already had.

I am waiting for Michael Cohen's information to Mueller to have a significant impact on the corrupt and morally bankrupt Trump. The question that remains is what courage does a timid GOP have to do the right thing and impeach.

Mind you, as George Will recently stated, the only man he finds worse than Trump is the bland-faced yet ideologically twisted beyond repair Mike Pence and I unfortunately tend to agree with him.


  1. It's the W administration on steroids. We've seen this kind of corruption before, and seen it rewarded before too. It's just extremely brazen, with a man at the helm who is not just stupid, but dangerously delusional.

    I do not assess the Republican Party as timid. Its members are, by and large, in favor of what is happening. The Party has been catering to the "Trump mindset" for a very long time. It's not that they are too afraid to do what they know is right. They want this. All of it. The Dominionists and Theocratic wing loves the science denial, and the undermining of the Constitution. The Libertarian wing doesn't quite like the undermining of the Constitutional basics, but do want the rollback to an 18th Century understanding of it. The so called alt-right has only been emboldened by Twitler, perhaps unaware that he has no sense of loyalty to anyone but himself, and only caters to them because they worship him; he'll throw them under the bus if he feels like it. The Corporatists absolutely love their useful idiot of a president, and they're not exclusively Republican.

    The Democratic Party has so far responded with cries of patriotism. Pointing out Russian interference in the election, and possible involvement in Twitler's campaign itself. These are cries to be taken seriously. However, it will not win them Republican converts. Republicans have been chanting "USA!" since the 80's, and many view the current Democratic version of that chant as but a too-little-too-late caricature of the patriotism they believe in. Frankly, to a hard core Republican in this country, Russia is more American than America right now. In their heads, America has already been taken over by hostile forces that have allowed the diseases of black, Mexican, immigrant, Jew, Muslim, gay and trans to fester. A man like Putin would never let that happen to his country, they just might think.

    Worst of all, an inestimable number of Americans are just good people who are either ignorant of what's really happening around them and/or are traumatized into a state of denial and learned helplessness. THOSE are the people that need to be awakened, as THEY are the ones that will ultimately enable the Republican Party in its madness.

    I do what I can. Everywhere I go. Even if I'm a buzzkill at parties or inject anxiety into conversations that I might otherwise deem inappropriate to do so in a different political climate. Because this needs to become REAL to people. I believe that the majority of the American people, whatever our peculiar prejudices and biases, are basically good, and would not willfully choose to allow our country to repeat the history of 1930s Germany. But then, I also believe that most of the Germans of that day were likewise good people who would not have willfully chosen that path for their country with full understanding of it either.

    To my fellow Americans and trans people who might be reading this comment:

    Maybe what I called "worst of all" is actually an advantage. If you have a voice, you are not helpless. Do not be afraid to wake people up. Do not be afraid to bring the matter up.

    American trans people have made it into the sunlight just before this maladministration took office. We should not go gently back into the darkness.

    We as trans people have an important role to play.

    Let Americans of privilege know your fears.

    Make family out of friends.

    Let other minorities know we will stand with them, and that their fight is our fight.

    Practice doing this.

    Dance with wolves.

    There is joy to be found in the present moment while while engaging with people this way, and it just might do some good.

    --Caryn Bare

    1. No but seriously Caryn tell us what you REALLY think 😁 on as always!

    2. It is scary to think how easily people can be manipulated bit let's take solace in the fact that 60% of the country can't tolerate this idiot president


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