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To get an idea of how amateurish the writing and simplistic the analysis is in J. Michael Bailey's 2003 book "The Man who would be Queen" was, one simply needs to feature an excerpt. Those of you who are transgender and clearly Mr. Bailey is not because his ignorance gives him away immediately, will recognize the obtuseness present here and perhaps even get a chuckle. It's the simplified version of the Blanchard pseudoscience in a much less politically correct tone (and I am being kind here).

To have presented this as a scholarly work should clearly have been embarrassing to the author and I am hard-pressed to understand how Northwestern colleague Alice Dreger would have defended this tripe as being representative of such. It just made her look bad for doing so.

The Transsexual Phenomenon this clearly is not and it explains why many transgender people back then would have been up in arms; none more than the intelligent Lynn Conway who rightly saw this book like the bull sees a red flag. Not only is it not professionally written but it is full of speculation and prejudiced language. Here is but one example of many...

"There is no way to say this as sensitively as I would prefer, so I will just go ahead. Most homosexual transsexuals are much better looking than most autogynephilic transsexuals. There is the rare exception, but for the most part, autogynephilic transsexuals aspire (with some success) to be presentable, while homosexual transsexuals aspire (with equivalent success) to be objects of desire. Homosexual transsexuals have been models and actresses. For example, the model, Tula, was in several movies and posed for Playboy before she was exposed as a transsexual.

There are three reasons why homosexual transsexuals are better looking. First, they are typically younger when they start transitioning. This almost certainly helps prevent some of the masculinization that might have occurred had they waited 8 to 10 years, when they would be the same age as the typical autogynephile. Second, they want to attract men, and they get constant feedback (in the form of propositions from men and mostly unsolicited critical advice from their transsexual sisters) about how they are doing. This allows them to hone their presentations faster than the autogynephilic transsexual, who has spent most of her femme life looking at a mirror by herself.

Finally, homosexual transsexuals are better looking because homosexual men who want to be women tend not to enact that desire unless they can pull it off. The standard transsexual story implies that the transsexual is so dissatisfied with her incorrect male body that she cannot wait to discard it, regardless of how good she will look as a woman. This is another place where the standard narrative is wrong, at
least about homosexual transsexuals. I have begun asking the homosexual transsexuals I meet whether, if they had looked awful as women,
they would have transitioned to full-time females. Most have said “No,” and no one has answered with an unambiguous “Yes.” Extremely muscular and masculine looking homosexual transsexuals probably choose not to transition, but instead remain among gay men, who value their masculine looks. Blanchard has found that homosexual transsexuals tend to be physically smaller than their autogynephilic sisters, which is consistent with just this sort of self-selection. The “Before” and “After” pictures they have shown me also support my thesis. As men,
the homosexual transsexuals look and act extremely feminine, and that presentation is not very marketable among gay men. They are far more fetching as women"


  1. I'm glad I didn't read that crap in 2003. I had enough trouble getting out of the closet, as it was.

  2. Ever heard of Contrapoints? YouTube channel run by a trans woman, who pretty much transitions online as her channel grows. Actually, she even comes to accept that she *is* trans online as her channel grows. And her videos are bona fide short movies that can legitimately be called scholarly. They're also insightful, educational, entertaining and funny.

    She has many recurring characters she plays in her videos, but in one close-to-feature-length presentation, she captures what it is like to struggle to come to terms with being trans in the face of Blanchard and Bailey's pernicious vapidity, and skillfully explains how faulty it is by opening up and being her vulnerable self for the camera.

    It is well worth a watch.

    Oh, and "Dr." Bailey . . . . Check her out! Cuz, dude-bro, she's good looking! In, like, that fetching woman way. So, that should allow you to masturb----- I mean, um.....diagnose her. Yeah, diagnose her. You know, scientifically.


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