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The right is causing transgender people a great deal of grief. Using strawman tactics like blaming us for forcing them to allow transgender kids to use the bathroom that aligns with their identity or (God forbid) having gender neutral bathrooms, they complain that the rights of the majority are being infringed upon.

This is of course logic in reverse.

The reality is that these fringe thinkers prefer a world where they wouldn’t need to deal with difference, so they concoct false claims of women being attacked in bathroom stalls to instill prejudice and fear. Transgender women of colour are the number target for murders in the United States and, although small in number, by proportion it is a hugely dangerous thing to belong to that sorority.

Religious fanatics, TERFS and outright lunatics petition on their right-wing rags about how transgender people are a scourge on society and their rights must be stamped out. It doesn’t help that a morally challenged idiot is helping them from his bully pulpit in the White House bolstered by a milquetoast evangelical hypocrite.

This is what makes laws important because you won’t easily fix the maladies of the mind that plague these extremists. All you can do is enforce legislation that upholds the right of people who are different to lead lives free from persecution even if we will not eliminate all prejudice from their lives.

That cakemaker who refused to serve a gay couple is at it again this time refusing to serve a transgender woman. Our response should be to boycott such businesses and let them feel it in the pocketbook; to show that we will not put up with bigotry.

Vermont gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist is receiving death threats as she gains more notoriety in the press while a young 12-year-old transgender girl feels the hateful venom from Oklahoma adults for simply using the girl’s bathroom. As a result her family is moving away in disgust to find a more accepting community.

Ask me again why I am not a right-winger.

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