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the beginning of the end

Well, Michael Cohen has made a plea deal for 5 years in prison for tax evasion and for making illegal payments to cover up Trump's sexual indiscretions. Campaign finance laws have been broken and there will be consequences.

Robert Mueller is now swimming in evidence. He has Cohen's admission, Manafort is guilty, Flynn and now 30 hours of interviews with White House lawyer Don McGahn.

The GOP is too cowardly to do something because God forbid they anger Trump's low brow base. So it is now up to the American people come November. No matter what, the Republicans have shot themselves in the foot by allowing a disgusting criminal to become president.

If Trump is allowed to sit in front of Mueller he will instantly purjure himself because he is a liar.

It is now just a matter of time.


  1. Here is the problem with your highly skewed "analysis".
    First of all Cohen has been targeted, and threatened with essentially life in prison, only because of his close association with a duly and legally elected president who has promised to "drain the swamp" and expose the criminal corruption of that leftist establishment headed up by Barrack Hussein Obama, and his anointed successor, Hilary Clinton.
    Cohen's plea bargain was made in exchange for a reduced maximum sentence of no more than 5 years for allegedly illegal activities for which Cohen was responsible, NOT TRUMP.
    So Trump instructed Cohen to arrange for a non-disclosure agreement with some high end hookers. SO WHAT? Nothing illegal there. So dream on lefty.

    1. Cohen was only "targeted" because an investigation revealed sufficient probable cause for a judge to grant a warrant to search his premises. There is a very high standard to be met under the Fourth Amendment before a warrant can be granted. Moreover, Trump instructing Cohen to violate campaign laws and pay off the women that Trump had affairs with is not a "so what" moment, it is a felony. The affairs would be "so what" as they aren't crimes. Violation of campaign laws are felonies.

  2. On the otherhand, your hero, Hilary is provably guilty of destroying evidence under supeona by Congress, accepting millions from foreign governments and Russian oligarchs and selling out America for her own private enrichment. Wake up. Get your facts straight.

    1. Please listen to yourself. You argue that Hilary Clinton is guilty of destroying evidence (without any proof despite years of Congressional investigations) and "accepting millions from foreign governments and Russian oligarchs and selling out America for her own private enrichment..." That is exactly what Trump has done and doing. Please wake up and get your facts straight!

  3. Same goes for Mike Flynn and Paul Manaford convicted on tax evasion and bank fraud going back 15 years. Again nothing to do with Trump. Mueller, appointed by Ass't AG Rosenstein, (who incidentally signed off on that highly questionable FISA warrant) is trying to unseat a sitting President by squeezing his close associates.
    They MUST do this or the real truth, that the whole Mueller investigation is based on a fabricated "dossier" PAID FOR by Clinton's Campaign through a law firm and disseminated by a confirmed and REGISTERED COMMUNIST, former CIA Director, John Brennan.
    Sounds fantastic doesn't it. Sadly, tragically, it really is true. If only you could get out of your Orwellian bubble, escape the Fake News.
    The TRUTH is out there.

    1. All that I can say is "wow!" If anyone should get out of their "Orwellian bubble" and escape "Fake News,' it is you. There is nothing questionable about the FISA warrant, which was signed by Republican judges when it was issued and re-issued several times. Second, Mueller's investigation is not based on a fabricated dossier, after all, multiple indictments in addition to multiple convictions do not occur on fabricated evidence. Third, Brennan is NOT a registered Communist; he has served the US for over thirty years protecting us from rogue governments, including Communist governments. The truth is out there, and Trump fears it, likely for good reason.

  4. the truth is indeed out there and it's all coming out...

  5. Hey. Thanks for not deleting my comments and allowing this discussion to continue. "...years of Congressional Investigations have been effectively and demonstrably obstructed by the same guilty parties colluding to protect Hilary and unseat Trump.
    The FISA warrants were based on the "Steele dossier". This fact has been testified to, under oath, by several of the very players involved. (McCabe, Colmey, and others).
    Just Google congressional testimony for the above.
    The "Steele dossier" was paid for by Clinton's Campaign and the Democratic party after she got control and pushed out poor old Bernie.

    1. discussion is good Anne but please don't ask me to believe that Trump isn't a crook because he is. I would have held my nose and voted for Hillary just to kept this guy out of office.

  6. The fact that 13 Russians were indited and a couple of associates were indited/convicted of unrelated offences or maneuvered into purjury traps, has nothing to do with any alleged "collusion" between Trump and the Russians.
    What is of interinterest is that Clinton hired Fusion GPS, (who hired (Steele),through her attorney to "dig up dirt" on Trump. Fair enough. What stinks and what IS illegal is that Steeles work, (the dossier) has no basis in fact. Steele himself testified to this I open court under oath.
    Rosenstien, Sally Yates, Colmey and Brennan all knew knew that the dossier was based on unsubstantiated hearsay three times removed.
    Nevertheless, they all swore to those FISA judges that those allegations were factual. That was and is a crime and part of what they are trying to hide and distract from by raising even more red herrings.

  7. What exactly has Trump done that makes him a crook besides completely out campaign Hilary and upset the proverbial apple cart full of rotten apples.

  8. Sadly the fact that you sincerely believe that Trump is a crook and "crooked Hilary" is not, just demonstrates just how effectively your left leaning Canadian media is able to massage the truth.
    Are you aware that at the time that the CIFIUS board met, (and approved the Uranium One deal),Hilary was the Sec. of State and chaired that board.
    The two parties involved in that merger, a Canadian billionaire and a Russian oligarch, (the head of Russian state owned nuclear power), made hundreds of millions of dollars in "donations" to The Clinton Foundation. Not to mention millions in speaking fees to Bill.

  9. Hilary would have continued the disastrous policies of Obama, the son of a radical anti colonialist and 20 years acolyte of the infamous aRev. Wright. Thank God she was not elected.!
    Just two years into Trump's administration, the economy is booming, unemployment is at historic lows and l have been kicked and dragged out of a comfortable 20 years retirement, back into the business world because there is so much money to be made.
    Rather than less than 2%, growth, high unemployment were are on track to double that growth and have halved unemployment.
    But because the media had convinced you to hate and resist Trump, you would rather return to the bad old days and continue to denigrate a clear winner.

  10. Let's start with horrendous appointments in people like DeVos and Pruitt and the Goldman Sachs members of the administration, hows that for swamp draining. Then we move on to mysoginist, racist, liar and charlatan, tax cheat and guilty of instilling public policies which will only hurt the very people who attend his rallies ie. those on the lower rung of the economic ladder. Passing tax bills that benefit the wealthy, putting even more people into dangerous situations where they must declare bankruptcy if they get seriously ill. Fanning the flames of hatred and emboldening the KKK and the alt-right who see his despicable rhetoric as carte blanche to lash out including at trans people.
    An all around hateful human being with the table manners of a pig and the thinnest skin known to man who resorts to tweeting like a 12 year old when the press mentions anything. Is that enough or should I go on Anne?

  11. But let's wait and see what happens shall we? :))

    1. Yes, let's.

      Unlike so many other countries - Russia for one - we have a rule of law in the US that no Twitter rant, narcissistic expostulation, outright lies, or name-calling will undermine. Yes, DT and the Republicans are actively molding the judiciary to their wishes and that is frightening as we will be living with that hangover for decades. Still, I believe in our checks and balances, and expect a backlash to all of the nonsense we've seen in the last couple of years will come home to roost in this Fall's elections. That's what I'm waiting for.


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