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of social justice and human dignity

How are my actions upholding social justice and human dignity? This is the question we should ask ourselves every time we undertake some action or political proposal. Is this for the common good of society or only for the select few?

Unfortunately, the answer is often the former in this world of ours as we choose options which fail this basic litmus test.

Political parties as well as individuals continue to adopt stances that they can then wrap in language of pretense, so they can get what they desire. It is what is happening now under the Trump administration where a puppet president is doing the dirty work for a GOP that doesn’t like him but recognizes his value so long as he has a base that supports an emperor devoid of clothing.

Do you recall the nastiness during the Republican race for the presidential nomination? Trump couldn’t go down into the dirt far enough slinging mud in all directions and hoping it stuck. Now all is forgiven and the likes of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz happily play along having left their principles and their dignity at the altar of political expediency and hypocrisy.

Trump is now lying to a base that has swallowed his MAGA chant except they won’t be rejoicing when the GOP reduces their social security checks (as Paul Ryan was proposing they do) or further endanger their access to medical services. That attempt to decimate Obamacare was unsuccessful and would have put many of his rally supporters in peril. These people aren’t brilliant, but they don’t deserve to be treated like pawns in a political game of chess either.

I look at Trump speaking, and I see a classless buffoon of the highest order; a dumbbell who slurs words and cannot string coherent thoughts together but still manages to possess a combination of ego and Machiavellian intent that places him firmly in the realm of comic book villain.

How is social justice being served at this moment in America? It isn’t and neither party knows what it is now because both sold their souls to get where they are. The Dems are bought and sold to corporate owners and the GOP is that plus being just plain evil.

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