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the cult of personality

Populism seems to really work on some people. You can deliberately deceive and have them believe you because they have bought into the cult of personality.

Trump is a thoroughly despicable human being and yet there are people on YouTube being interviewed repeating his lies and not bothering to fact check; the cult of personality.

If the United States falls slowly into autocratic rule via small fragmented steps it will be the fault of its own population and, if there's one thing I've learned in my life, is that there are a lot of people in this world who don't like to think very hard. They prefer to believe in something or someone no matter how far fetched what they are sold.

I am still counting on the Democrats taking the house but if they don't it will be another step towards the unmaking of the American constitution.

I must say that the cult of personality would make more sense to me if the person was at least remotely appealing.


  1. Tomorrow, the world will change. If not for the better, ... Goddess help us all.

  2. My goodness. A nationalist and a trans-elitist?

  3. Sorry that the response thread no longer makes sense but I moderate the blog. Thanks for your lovely responses 😁

  4. And you are right Connie this blog doesn't do trans elitism. It loves all trans people 😉


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