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an adult at the helm

This disgrace for a president will sign the spending bill that the House and Senate are expected to pass but then his massive ego will compel him to declare a state of emergency to get the rest of the funding for his "wall". This despite the fact that illegal entry via the southern border is at a historic low. However his low education base doesn't care for facts and are more interested in action which includes attacking BBC photographers at MAGA rallies while chanting "This is 'Merica"

Putting the United States into further debt to please the likes of the deplorable and intolerably smug Anne Coulter is not smart but then no one ever accused Trump of being that. It's just that he'd rather grab pussy than be called one.

Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic house will do well to take Trump to court as this is not a genuine emergency but rather the crying wolf of a toddler who cannot otherwise get his way.

I would imagine that by now most Americans miss having an adult at the helm?

"This is 'Merica m'kay?"


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