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we challenge

Watch out because I am going to use logic here.

True or false: being trans is a choice.

If you believe the answer is true, then why do so many trans people attempt suicide? Is it because they are all mentally ill? No, that cannot be it because the reality is that most of us are extremely high functioning and work in every known profession (including some very challenging intellectually), belong to every known social class, race, age group and religious affiliation. The real reason that trans people suffer so much is through discrimination from society and even their own families simply for being who we are which in turn causes us great turmoil. Nice try though.

If you believe the answer is false, then no one should complain about trans people desiring being addressed by gender affirming pronouns nor should they accuse trans people of trying to usurp women’s spaces since all they are doing is observing their own true natures.

The reality is that trans people upset the social order and instill fear in others. The natural insecurities some have regarding their own status in society are exposed as well as their own tenuous grip on gender norms is challenged in a way that scares them. This can breed aggression which in turn leads to violence.

Trans people also challenge false Judeo-Christian tenets regarding static gender norms which do not reflect reality but are instead created models meant to subjugate people to not always reachable ideals. In that sense, we become particularly dangerous to the ultra-Orthodox.

Yes, we challenge everyone but get used to it, because we also aren’t going anywhere.

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  1. You're right, of course, about everything but the hard truth is that most social organization is built on traditional notions that people rarely examine and adopt to avoid censure. Reason doesn't overcome these unthinking attitudes. Our struggle is a difficult one which will take generations.

    1. reason does not, unfortunately, always win out straight away but in the long run it does float to the surface :)

  2. It's certainly not a choice — we all know that. My gender feelings/dysphoria have been with me from my earliest memories, about 4 or 5.

    A point I'd like to add is that transgender people are simply examples of normal human diversity. Like being born with red hair, left-handedness, gay sexuality, blue eyes, ... you name it.

    The Religious Right says that "God doesn't make mistakes." I say that diversity — in all its forms including animals and plants — is objectively part of our world regardless of one's religious beliefs.

    The overriding issue is that many cis people are afraid of us. I don't know why but their efforts are centered around trying to maintain the status quo. Remember the emergence of gays and lesbians in the 70s? Before then most (including me) put them into a box of weirdness and fear. We wanted them to return to their lives beneath the surface. Fast forward a couple of decades thru to today and to be GLB is, for most hetero people, just a fact of life: nothing wrong with them, we (including me) celebrate their love as valued members of society.

    The goal, I think, is to start hearing when parents find out about some surprise characteristic of their child: "Why couldn't they just be trans?"


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