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more tough medicine required?

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate America; far from it. However Trump is like toxic sludge that was allowed to seep out of a drain pipe and poison the well.

I was conversing with a friend and fellow political junkie recently and we both mused whether another 4 years of poison might not be such a bad thing for a country in desperate need of repair. Yes, it would take the US to the brink of destruction but some people need to see that there is nothing behind the false bravado except a scared and entitled imbecile; albeit one who can talk to the intellectually and analytically challenged in their own language.

Trump has managed to endear himself to the type of voter who needs him the least: i.e. low education white males who pine for things as they used to be; times that aren't coming back. But a Manhattan frat boy without an ounce of empathy, morality or mental capacity is hardly the ideal solution for a red state worker who can no longer work on the factory line. Therefore cue the racist rhetoric in your rallies and make them forget your tax cuts for the top 1% by villanizing migrants

There are 4 in 10 voters in the US who feel this waste of skin can do no wrong and he could probably shoot a Muslim woman dead in broad daylight and somehow be forgiven. I don't know what can possibly shake them from their stupor but my theory of humankind tells me their percentage of the electorate is wholly representative of those in society who cannot analyze or think for themselves.

What a depressing thought.


  1. I'm going to hold out hope that Cult45 is really only 30% to 35% of the country. The others who were willing to vote for for the Orange Buffon, I hope do not believe he can do no wrong, and many Obama-to-Trump voters are recognizing they got conned. (By both.)

    My foundationally racist and weapons-obsessed nation does need to be taken down a peg on the world stage, but I don't know if democracy itself can survive another 4 years of this monster. If America really becomes 'officially aligned' with large strong-man-led countries like China and Russia and North Korea, and Trump's maladministration just defies all laws with impunity, including pretending that climate change isn't happening knowing full well it is and planning to save itself, what really happens to the world? I don't think I want to find out. Not just for my Country's sake, but for all Countries' .

    Honestly, it's center-left America that needs to wake up. Cult 45 is unreachable. It always has been this bad and this racist, only younger generations think of it as "history," not an ongoing systemic problem. We have two parties in charge, an Authoritarian far right party and a Center-right party whose neo-feudal tendencies are aligned with the Authoritarians, only they don't hate people based on ascriptive qualities like race, religion or gender. The Center-Left here needs to align with the left, and put people like Bernie, Warren, and AOC in real positions of power. Here's hoping.


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