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"They're from a derner"

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a guest post

Well here is a first for my blog.

Linda, who is from the UK and a regular reader of my blog, was very kind to have written a review of my book which she encouraged me to share with the rest of my readers (thanks so much Linda!)....

"I have been following Joanna’s blog for some time, probably because I feel a kindred spirit and like Joanna, I also think about many aspects of being trans and we happen to be a similar age. I had wanted to read her book but am not able to make online purchases without my wife being aware. However, when Joanna recently offered to give her book to anyone who asked, I jumped at my chance.

First of all, it is of course very well written as are her posts. It was also lovely to learn more of her upbringing and insights into life in her own family. Joanna is also very open and honest describing her intimate thoughts and feelings throughout her life. As expected, she summarises literature and reminded me of the reassurance I also got from Benjamin and S…

taking your time

Transition can take as little or as long as you need and take on many forms. You may need to physically transition, socially transition or simply transition from being closeted to being out in the world as a fully self-accepting transgender person. This is the beauty of today: there is room for all of us.

I have yet to see where my resting point lies on my journey but that doesn't stress me in the least as I am very much enjoying the ride. I want to savor every facet of the trip rather than hurry from point A to point B. My progression has been dramatic over the years but it has taken decades instead of a few years with that surefootedness the reason I am able to know I am at the right place at each junction of my life.

Yes, it's been a long haul but I don't believe it's been wasted time. Instead it's been an experience I will continue to savor even more heartily as I advance in age now devoid of the distress and angst that used to accompany me.

Remember that you&…

you better watch out...

The establishment, which includes mainstream media, doesn't want Bernie Sanders to succeed because he upsets their apple cart. After all, this is a man who marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960's and isn't about false talking points. No, he is the real deal and they know it which shakes them to their core.

Bernie risks putting a big dent in their system of oligarchy which is why the major newspapers and networks, owned by billionaires who would stand to pay more taxes, aren't going to roll out the welcome mat and will make his ride as bumpy as possible.

But there is a new appetite among the people for an FDR style New Deal which would empower the lower classes and, by bringing them Medicare for all and free college tuition at the expense of regime change wars and the Wall Street parties, this would risk toppling what the top 1% has built at the expense of everyone else. Consider that in his first 24 hours after announcing, Bernie raised $6 million among 224,000 d…

Tucker triggered

Poor Tucker Carlson he really blows his cool here. When he isn't in control and his guests are smarter than he is (which isn't all that hard) it just sets him off.

The profanity flows when he knows he's been outflanked by a historian who will not be intimidated...


Besides improving my makeup and dressing skills the single biggest change I made was to work on body language. This is so pivotally important that it cannot be overstated and makes the difference between looking like a guy in a dress versus a dignified lady.

I already had it in me to behave and move the way I wanted, but I had trouble giving myself permission to do so. After all, there were decades of Pavlovian training working against me plus my own fear of being clocked. But it wasn’t until I relaxed and just let myself be the person I wanted to be, that things fell into place. I know exactly what to do now in each presentation to the point that both have become instinctive and I don’t need to even think about it.

Presenting in public in any sort of situation is scary at first and if you have never done it before it can appear daunting, but like everything else it takes practice which in our case is mostly about removing hang-ups rooted in unwarranted fear. Thinking that everyone i…


A recent post by Diana on deep vein thrombosis (or DVT for short) made me think once again of the dangers which HRT poses for some of us. Many transwomen have died from this and others have been lucky to have had clots discovered just in time. After having suffered a stroke in my mid-forties, I have decided I will not take the risk of HRT even if I was sure it was what I wanted.

HRT has been a godsend for many transgender women and I am glad for them. My online friends Caryn and Sherry as well as Halle have all gone that route without regret and to date all are healthy and happy. I suppose it just takes that extra level of vigilance and to make sure you are checked out regularly by a physician. Still, I will not take that risk for myself and given the fact that I in my late fifties it may be more reason not to venture into those waters. I suppose it makes it easier when you aren’t 100% certain that HRT is for you in the first place.

If I ever decide to transition to full time, it will…