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bare-legged girl

Since the official end of winter, this was the first morning I left the house in a skirt and heels. I had first put on my jeans but thought the better of it when I stepped outside briefly to gauge the temperature. At 12C it felt appropriate to make the change and I have been out bare legged in lower temperatures. I cannot abide wearing any kind of hosiery and only did so during the years when leg shaving was simply not an option for me.

Today my legs are always smooth (well for the most part) and hence will opt to cream them just before slipping into my pumps. Most women (that I have observed) no longer wear pantyhose anyway and will only wear tights during the winter.

I love the freedom of a bare leg in a skirt or dress and since mine are not too badly mangled, I feel I can get away with it. In fact many women compliment me on them. Louise, the Mary Kay representative, recently asked me if I had ever modelled which was a huge confidence booster.

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blue in green

My favorite piece from Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" album featuring the great Bill Evans on piano...

the eyes have it

It is true what they say: the eyes are a window into the soul. Mine used to conspire against me but they no longer do. If you are feeling well on the inside and understand who you are, your expression and by extension your eyes will reflect it.

This is why we speak of confidence being the heavy lifter in letting people see the real you. I don't care how good you look on this outside; without that we have nothing.

The crucial step is getting off the merry-go-round of public approval because we are always going to be too thin, too fat, too loud, too meek or too something for someone else. We will never find true contentment without that permanent unbranching from a fickle public opinion which knows nothing of your life but is only too happy to try and derail it.

Even my own version of a life as a woman will find disfavor from some in our community but that is their problem and not mine.

All we need to know is that the eyes have it.


If I cannot get my thoughts down succinctly I feel I have failed. My blog posts are short specifically because I want to convey something with as little verbiage as possible. Language is so rich and powerful that it can transmit images with little effort. It is the way the words are combined that provides most of its power.

Explaining our feelings is best done in servings that can be processed by others in bite size morsels which tantalize and yet must necessarily remain sketchy in outline. Because, in the end, adding more language does not guarantee something as ethereal will be transmitted with any greater accuracy.

living without shame

We can all relate in our own way...

is anyone surprised?

Chit chat

I'm not sure why I enjoy talking to mothers with babies but I do. They remind me of those early years when my own kids were young except that women are more forthcoming towards another woman; especially when being around their own children. I get to play the older mother and give the odd little tidbit of advice while we chit chat for a few minutes. They listen and we both laugh.

Were I presenting differently I couldn't do that and would get that dubious look as if I were going to steal their child but such is the way of the world where gender is so strictly defined. However I am just being friendly with nothing to prove to anyone else or to myself.

That phase was over a while back.