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a living museum

Toledo was the capital of Spain before Madrid was and it boasts one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in Europe.

My daughter and I spent the day there.

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"Who is she?" asked my aunt

"That's me" I responded and she dumbfounded for a split second as she stared at the image on my phone

"You make for a very attractive woman" she said as she looked up and smiled at me.

This was the first time she had seen me in female form in her life although she knew everything about my being trans. She is open minded and wonderfully supportive and knows we each need to lead our lives as we must.

My mother and her now correspond every day by Skype and chat about whatever is going on because their kids are grown with families of their own.

It is great to have her as an ally.


Watching the sheer mass of humanity on the streets during this trip has helped me focus my thoughts on the idea of resonance. So many stories that each life must contain yet we are just another body moving about unperceived and unnoticed. We tend to think the opposite because we live mostly in our heads.

The message I take away even more resolutely is to be true to yourself as the only thing that truly matters because everything else follows from that. Things will fall into place when you are in resonance even when others around you are not.

Las calles de Malasaña


Shyness robs you of your body's natural aesthetic in public. It surges with notes of self concious energy which at once imprisons and indulges our overt discretion as being the better of two poisons.

We learn slowly to let go with more abandon as the wants of a fickle public no longer concern us. There are bigger fears that draw our attention such as not having lived the way we wanted as we near the end of the road we have chosen.

One day we decide there are enemies much more powerful than a public shaming.

Cage the Songbird

A song about Edith Piaf with Crosby and Nash on backing vocals...

internet warrior

Natalie Wynn uses satire and humor to filet her tormentors who see her as a demented and leftie transwoman.
But in spite of that she persists, using their own arguments against them...