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"to the nines"

At the end of this month there is a shareholders meeting for my side project and since I am one of the shareholders, I will be there. It is being held in a law firm that looks quite reputable and I asked Patricia the CEO if she would be dressing up. To which she responded:

"To the nines!"

Since she is doing it I told her that I will do the same and wear a nice skirt suit with my black pumps and my pearl earrings (perhaps something similar to the image below). I think that's a pretty professional look to which I will add minimal jewelry; perhaps just a simple pendant and a one ring.

This will be my first professional business meeting as a woman and I am looking forward to it. All the practice living part time makes it that I am not the least bit nervous but I just see it as another step in my exploration.

I will post about it afterwards.

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Don't go after Danes

This FOX news drone with a pretty low knowledge of the world goes after one of its best functioning liberal democracies.

Lying on a scale this bad should be embarrassing to this so called reporter who doesn't even bother doing her homework giving new meaning to the term twit.

The Danes smartly fire back...


Roberta Cowell was the very first person in Britain to undergo gender reassignment in 1948. She had been a fighter pilot and race car driver but had been deeply unhappy as a man. Towards the goal of a change, she sought the help of physician Michael Dillon (himself a female to male transperson) to advance her cause by asking him to perform an orchiectomy on her which would then pave the way for further surgery. The conversion operation was illegal at the time in Britain and this first step was the only way that Cowell could proceed to vaginoplasty.

Later in her life, Cowell became a recluse and continued to refuse contact with her two daughters who were born in 1944 and 1946 respectively. They had wanted to have contact with their father. It may be possible that after having abandoned her family she may have felt that they would never forgive her.

She died alone in 2011 and her death was only publicized two years later as she has tried to make sure that no one knew. Her funeral was at…

Come Down in Time

"In the quiet silent seconds I turned off the light switch
And I came down to meet you in the half light the moon left
While a cluster of night jars sang some songs out of tune
A mantle of bright light shone down from a room

Come down in time I still hear her say
So clear in my ear like it was today
Come down in time was the message she gave
Come down in time and I'll meet you half way

Well I don't know if I should have heard her as yet
But a true love like hers is a hard love to get
And I've walked most all the way and I ain't heard her call
And I'm getting to thinking if she's coming at all

Come down in time I still hear her say
So clear in my ear like it was today
Come down in time was the message she gave
Come down in time and I'll meet you half way

There are women, women, and some hold you tight
While some leave you counting the stars in the night"

Words: Bernie Taupin
Music: Elton John

mind the gap

There is no question about it, the political spectrum in the United States has shifted to the right. The current Democratic party establishment is close to where the old Republican party was, while the latter has now moved into the terrain of the fringe.

Having picked up hypocrite Evangelicals and outright racists in the form of the alt-right, the republicans now flirt with the kind of ideas that previously existed as informalized rhetoric. Open discrimation has become official policy whether it be aimed at people of color or members of the LGBT community.

We like to think the humanity evolves and that history does not repeat itself, but the pattern seems to hold true that our advancement takes steps back before we move forward, and it wasn’t that long ago that humanity was committing unspeakable acts in the name of honor of country and flag.

The propensity of some Americans towards jingoism has always perturbed me. The idea that one can adopt the stance of loving one’s country to th…

another box checked

I met some old friends for a beer this past Sunday; three guys who I have known for 33 years and went to Europe with in 1986. They all knew about me being trans, but they had never seen it up close. During the day I was out as Joanna and almost thought to go home and change but then I said no, they are going to get an eyeful of their transgender friend.

They all showed up at separate times. The first (who like me is always on time) got the first look at me and it admittedly took him a few minutes to get used to the different presentation and voice but it all went fine. It was the same for the others and the three hours we spent eating and drinking went as smoothly as I could have ever hoped for.

These are nice people who I am proud to call my friends. All they wanted was for me to be comfortable and they certainly did help to make it so. Yes, a few good natured jokes were shared which only helped break the ice by showing them that, despite my struggles with dysphoria, I could still h…

Pakman gets it right

I think that David Pakman, in his response to a caller, accurately describes the reason why Jordan Peterson has captured the attention of disillusioned young men who feel directionless.

Firstly, they are either not willing or not able to pay for a therapist and secondly traditional pop psychology in it's current packaging does not appeal to their sensibilities. Perhaps the latter's more feminist perceived slant turns them off.

The thing is, Peterson delivers much the same information only in a gruffer and more aggressive tone which may resonate with their mounting sense of disconnectedness and disdain for a PC culture which, they feel, marginalizes their masculinity.

That Peterson himself doesn't ever look overly happy is perhaps part of the appeal. His sourpuss tone might just be part of the draw which incidentally, may also tell us a little something about the man himself....