When one stops fighting

The last thing I want to do here is sell you the idea that my life is perfect because it's not; no one that I know has that luxury. However in comparison to many people in this world I know am very fortunate which is one of the reasons I mention social justice so often. We all have challenges and even my getting a better hand on being born trans is more related to me accepting the things I cannot change rather rejoicing at something the world is largely repelled by. It's just that it's better to get comfortable in your reality than to rail against it. Accepting myself fully involved realizing the extent of my dysphoria and by extension dispensing with the idea of a normal relationship because less time awaits me than is already behind and I certainly won't spend my quality years looking for a needle in a haystack. Instead I will rejoice in what life has to offer me within the constraints I have been given (or the cards I have been dealt if you will). When one stops f


I don't usually favor wearing overly big hoop earrings but every once in a while I will. Most of the time I will alternate between smaller ones, pearl studs and various pendant styles just to mix things up.


Much of what we see around us is steeped in illusion because we don’t get to see what is inside of people; the only thing we know for sure is what is inside ourselves. I posted that amazing video by Contrapoints (yes it was long but worth it) because she deals with what we think we want and envy in others when really, we should be focusing on ourselves and what is attainable. That perfect marriage you think you see isn’t as harmonious as you imagine because being in a couple is often challenging as is having money and stressing about whether you have enough and where you need to park that Jag so it doesn’t get scratched. Looking around us is pointless unless we seek just one thing: genuine and honest people to befriend and to do as much good as we can while we are here. Most people lead challenging lives and the other day as I drove, I listened to a comedian being interviewed on the CBC who lost his wife to suicide and his father to cancer on the same year he also lost his eyesight.


 Ah yes, the root of all evil....

The gender core

I very much like the concept of a gender core which I remember Felix Conrad writing about a few years back. The idea is that every person has a gender core which is essentially male or female and irrespective of the fact we all possess masculine and feminine attributes, that core determines which of those two will be predominant. Regardless of your birth sex this core would determine your primary identification, albeit I will concede that for most of the population, birth sex and that gender core align relatively well; or at least well enough that there need not be significant dysphoria experienced. Those on the peripheries could, for example, fall into the gender variant or non-binary camps. When birth sex and the gender core misalign to a significant degree however, something must be done to address it lest the person experience dysphoric feelings. The degree of dysphoria would then dictate a response proportional to the disconnect. It’s an elegant idea with much merit and aligns w

Kyle has a point


The information age

I used to think that people were far less prone to believe in misinformation than they are. Part of this reasoning I attributed to the dearth of access in the past for the average person, but the opposite has turned out to be true. By providing more availability with the advent of the internet, we opened the door to bad faith actors (or for gullible believers) to sway others off the cliff with them. If you lack critical thinking skills and have a predetermined agenda in mind, you can be persuaded far more easily than ever before in this era of ours. I find that it is disinterest and apathy which plagues our world, and I can understand now how entire societies can collapse while people just watch helplessly; you just need enough saboteurs to drive the entire herd of cattle to the slaughter. When shows like Jimmy Kimmel make us laugh with questioning the person on the street (often with trick questions or to identify a country on a map) part of me chuckles as well but can’t help but de