a call for support

I called a TG support group yesterday to find out how I could get some guidance and speak about where I am these days in my thinking. I had been given the number by the hospital where I had received my therapy 5 years ago. Their website stated that they were run by transgendered individuals and sure enough when I called I was greeted by a voice that was neither female nor male but somewhere in between. He introduced himself as Jackson and we chatted for a while; long enough for me to learn that he is a young transman who's been on testosterone for several months. He was extremely helpful and told me that Ana would phone me back to set up an appointment. Not more than an hour later she called to set something up for this coming Tuesday.

I think it will be interesting to learn what this group is all about and if nothing else get some live support from people who understand me and have been through the same challenges.

I am looking forward to it.


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