Anne Lawrence and autogynephelia

I did write to Anne and she was very kind to write back. I then thought some more about autogynephelia and finally decided the model was flawed because it rested it's case too much on the sexual payoff or love of self as woman. The theory especially falls apart when I look back into my own past and recall that innocence that my crossdressing was immersed in. The onset of erections and release that came later horrified me and actually brought on the cycle of purging that I practiced for many years. So in fact, had there not been any orgasms, I would have felt better about my dressing for all those years. So here is where the theory fails for me. It presumes that the payoff is the sexual component, which of course it's not.

Beth Orens has a wonderful write up on why the theory is flawed and I consider this explanation one of the best I have read from a detractor.


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