being yourself as a transgender

I think this is an important issue because we as transgender people don't get to develop our true personalities. If for no other reason than the fact that we suppress so much of our true selves in the attempt to fit into society. So what essentially happens is that we choke off part of ourselves and in the process never become "us" until very often late in our lives. Now I know this is not true for all of us but I would say for a significant number of us this the case.

When we finally get the courage to express our true selves it's often later in life when our choices have been set and we have little elbow room or courage left. Those who do venture forward are those for whom the choice comes virtually down to death or live as their true selves.

I guess I'm still hesitant about embracing everything about being TG. I'm not purging or denying anymore mind you but I am treading ever so slowly and all the while trying to analyze my thought patterns and behavior. This buys me time to figure things out. So as long as I don't have that die or transition mindset I plan to live as myself - whatever that means since I have not had the chance to discover who that is.

Without the brakes on Joanna we'll see where she goes. But as with any vehicle, brakes are a good thing to have no?


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