freaky Friday...

Friday I took the day off. It's been a little bit quiet at work so I decided to spend the day as a woman. I put on my grey skirt, black top, black heels and my khaki trenchcoat and headed out the door.

I did a series of activities which included having early morning coffee with the girls at cafe depot and I met C again for a short lunch. But right before that something happened which I suspected was bound to happen eventually: I ran into my brother. Difference was that I was dressed as a woman this time. He and I both work downtown and he's known about my dressing for a few years now but this time it was up close and personal. Interesting thing was that we were headed right for each other on the street but he was looking right past me because he clearly could not recognize his brother in a dress. So while I could have walked right past him, I decided to let my presence be known. As I approached him I started to say "hey it's me" and the startled look on his face said it all. It was a combination of amusement, curiosity and embarrassment but all with a smile on his face. The whole thing happened in an instant and instead of standing there for a while we waved goodbye to each other and went our separate ways.

I was glad this happened because it drove home to what extent I am transgender to at least one more member of my family. It also removes another layer of mystery and relieves some pressure in the sense that it clearly wasn't that big a deal in the end.

After this day was over, I was again remarking how plausible a life as a woman could be.


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