Kate Bornstein

I looked up Kate Bornstein's book "gender outlaw" while at the library yesterday. She's had quite the life and she doesn't shy away from speaking her mind. I am impressed with her cut to the chase style and quick wit. Afterwards I got online and viewed some of her videos. In particular, there was a plea for teens who might be suicidal with her essential message being that it does get better. She says you can do what it takes to make your life better as long as you're not mean. You can tell she's lived and seen a lot. Very much her own person.

She's also become an outspoken spokesperson for transgender rights and seems to be solicited often to speak on our behalf. I for one am glad she's there. Most of us need to do a lot of living to get to where she is and I wish we were all as self effacing and straightforward as Kate is. Bully for her!

On another note my friend J came over for dinner. We've known each other for 26 years, so the confidence level is there. I ended up showing him a picture of Joanna. I think he was impressed as to how well I passed as a woman. A few years back I never would have contemplated telling any of my friends, but so far the sky has not fallen and the earth still revolves, so I guess I need'nt have stressed about it. Who knows, maybe at some point he'll end up meeting the female me....


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