lost and found....

I spoke to Elcy last night. She told me that she just lost her job at the clothing store. I felt bad for her at first but then she went on to explain that she hadn't been happy there anyway and needed a change. I guess I can draw a parallel with my own recent breakup. Maybe it's best to lose something and find something new on the other side. It's not always comfortable jumping into something new and losing our comfort zone but it's the only way to grow as a person in life.

I highly recommend the site www.crossdreamers.com by the way. It's an intelligently written and thought provoking blog that I will be visiting on a regular basis. Thank you jack.....


  1. Joanna, I'm sorry about what happened to your friend, Elcy. It's important for an employee to love his/her job, you know, to be more productive in the company. We can never know, Elcy's termination might be a heaven-sent opportunity. :) I hope she'll stay longer, or hopefully, permanently on her next job. :)

    Sherlock Best


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