my 2 lives...

To my joanna friends I am a recently separated soon to be divorced woman. To my male side friends I'm a divorced dad who recently broke up with my gf.

It's all very surreal, and if you had told me 5 years ago that I would be living part time successfully passing as a woman I would have told laughed out loud in incredulous disbelief. But now I'm here walking a strange tightrope and maybe seeing if there's a winner or it will all end up in a draw.

I met my friend Melanie on Friday for a tea. She's an older lady that I met about 2 years ago while sitting in a cafe. I told her that my husband and I were done and that I was going to be a divorced woman. We had a really nice time and she really appreciate our get togethers as she lives alone. I wore a nice pink blouse, grey skirt and my new black patent pumps. Hair pinned back and my pearl earrings. So I really felt like a woman. Before meeting here I had gone to drop off my car at the shop and since this is a recent lease and they had only seen the male me once before, I dropped off the car as a woman. I have done this now for the last 3 times and they know me now as my own wife so I think I'll keep it that way.

While I was waiting for the car, I struck up a conversation with a young twenty something woman. We talked as I've heard other women talk and it was again very affirming for me.

All in all a good day...


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