nice Friday...

I took the day off work yesterday to make it an extra long weekend and I only needed to pick up my kids at 6 30. So I spent the day as a woman.

I got up early and did my make up and put on a nice outfit and my new heels which I'm still breaking in. I ended up at the cafe depot I frequent (where they know me as Juanita). I had an espresso and chatted with one of the girls. We got to talking about our families and I was surprised to learn that she had a 22 year old son (she does not look older than 40). I mentioned that my husband and I were splitting up and she told me she had not long ago split up after 3 years with someone. I stayed downtown for a while and walked around and then decided to go to a suburban mall north of the city. I was looking for a vase to go in a particular corner of the living room so that was my hunt for the day. Everywhere I went I was addressed as a woman and treated respectfully.. I am feeling more and more comfortable as a woman.

I also got a call from Elcy. She wants to get together again soon and maybe go to some boutiques. I was surprised at how quickly she got back to me but we did have a very nice time at that little cafe. I am also surprising myself as to how I am building a second life as Joanna.


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