outings have morphed

When I first started going out about 30 years ago the aim was to go out and crossdress. I didn't care what I did or where I went because the sheer thrill of being out as a woman was intoxication all on it's very own.

Now as I have grown older and most especially as my frequency has increased, I find that I need to do things while I am crossdressed. That could be something as simple as doing groceries or running small errands or meeting someone for coffee.

This is no small distinction because it means that my focus has changed with time.I am becoming a person who lives life and sometimes does it as a woman. So in that sense I am finding this important change beneficial since in the long run it may take the focus off the dressing itself and just let me focus on living life.

Might I ever want to stop presenting as a woman? All of the anecdotal and research information I have tells me otherwise but at this point I don't care. I just want to find solace and peace. I will celebrate this difference instead of beat myself up. What an important discovery.


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