unexpected lunch with G...

This morning I got up early and got dressed before 6 am. My kids had been dropped off the night before so I went for casual jean skirt, pink top and black ballerinas. I did remember that it was labour day but still decided to head out and grab a coffee in a little place and surf a bit. I tried to contact Elcy but she was not answering. Figured that her phone was still inactive (it had been stolen by a cabby only a few days before.

I was supposed to meet G who is my co administrator in our little condo association. I am madame president. We needed to talk business so I suggested we meet at 2 pm to which she agreed. I also told her I'd be coming as Joanna. She did not seem to have a problem with that and told me if she did she would say so.

I picked her up at 2 and we went to nearby resto with a terrace. We both ordered sangrias and salads and that was just what the doctor ordered. I did not change from the morning other than switching to casual heels for our get together. She was a real sport because not only did I expose her to femme me o also used my feminine voice which she got used to fairly quickly I think. So two ladies having a pleasant lunch. It was great!


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