the dreaded spectre of exceptionalism...

I have said this before and I know that some people hate me for it but I don’t believe in transexuality in the sense that one is really is a woman born in the wrong body. I do however believe in gender disphoria as a very real condition. In other words, the extreme disphoric needs to transition in order to stay sane but not because he was always a woman; If he were a woman he would have been born a woman. I of course exclude hermaphrodites or others born with both sets of genitalia for example.

GID is a pre existing condition that requires treatment and the fact that the treatment sometimes requires GRS I have absolutely no problem with. Whether GID is brought about by a wash of chemicals before birth or whatever the reason, it is very much a real thing.

I firmly believe that all transgender people suffer from disphoria with the only difference being the degree that the feelings are present and are debilitating. This is why we see such a wide variation in the way transgender people lead their lives.

So it’s not like there are the true transsexuals and then everyone else. There are only GID sufferers.

Many exceptionalists state that they knew early on and then proceeded to transition before the age of 25 and voila they corrected the error of their genetic birth. But usually there is more to the story than that because your sexual orientation and family sensitivity to the issue play a massive role in the process.

If you are a 12 year old gender disphoric and are attracted to girls you have a problem. You have a conflicting dichotomy and a dilemma that is not obvious from your vantage point. You desperately love women but you also want to be like women. If you ever transition you are far more likely to do it later in life only after you have struggled to rid yourself of your disphoria so you can try and lead a normal life. This is because when many of us were younger we earnestly believed that our condition was curable or in some cases was merely a fetish.

If you like boys to begin with, things are a little different. Given a choice between being a gender disphoric gay male and a straight woman, the choice becomes a little less complicated. I would definitely choose the latter and would have asked my parents long ago for the operation.

What bothers me is that there are websites out there that go out of their way to disparage late transitioners on the basis that they married and had children. Well guess what? So did a lot of gay males trying to cure themselves but that did not make them any less gay. In both cases you are dealing with denial and denial can be a very powerful thing.

I don’t deny anyone the right to transition and am an ally in their right to obtain the surgery if they feel they need it. What I am not in favour of is discrimination within our community because essentially we are all suffering from the same condition.

I don’t think that disabled people spend as much time and effort arguing amongst themselves as transgender people do and it really is a shame.


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